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11 things overheard during Sunday’s Chiefs win over the Dolphins

We heard some interesting things inside Deutsche Bank Park on Sunday morning.

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

On Sunday morning, the Kansas City Chiefs registered a 21-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins. Here’s some of what Tom Ruprecht overheard at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany.

  1. “Sorry, Andy. The NFL says you can’t coach in lederhosen.”
  2. “Remember: you’re going to be playing in front of a bunch of people who’ve never seen a football game before. So it’s like playing in Jacksonville.”
  3. “Pat, if you’re not sold on David Girardi as quarterback coach, Josh McDaniel just became avail — Hey, where are you going? Pat! Come back!”
  4. “Good thing Tua Tagovailoa has a quick release, because the Dolphins’ offensive line is collapsing like the Berlin Wall.”
  5. “No, the punters aren’t making a song request. They’re literally saying, “RAISE… THE… ROOF!”
  6. “All the penalties are on the Chiefs because the officials don’t know the German word for ‘Dolphins.’”
  7. “Thank God Mecole Hardman was available to fill the ‘Make a fair catch on the 1-yard-line’ hole in our special teams.”
  8. “Do you get the feeling the NFL Network announcers receive an electrical shock from Goodell every time they say ‘midfield’ instead of ‘The Shield’?”
  9. “It takes the entire Eagles offense to move the pile like Isiah Pacheco does all by himself.”
  10. “Pros: The Chiefs paid a lot of attention to Tyreek Hill. Cons: The Chiefs completely forgot about Rashee Rice.”
  11. “A game with Mahomes and Tagovailoa — and yet, the best toss of the game was by Mike Edwards?”

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