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ESPN releases trailer for ‘Where Wolf: The Search for ChiefsAholic’

Let’s be clear right out of the gate: No, this is not a joke. ESPN PR has released a trailer for “Where Wolf: The Search for ChiefsAholic,” which you can watch by clicking this link.

The documentary will be available on ESPN+ beginning on Monday, November 20. Here’s more information from ESPN’s official press release:

The 40-minute “Where Wolf” takes viewers on a gripping journey through the life of [Xavier] Babudar, a passionate football enthusiast whose alleged actions took a criminal turn, leaving the nation in shock. In his first public comments since his second arrest, Babudar – through his lawyer – responds from jail to extensive questions from ESPN’s Elizabeth Merrill, one of the feature’s reporters.

“We’ve been reporting this story for almost a year, and although ChiefsAholic had a huge online presence, extracting even the most basic information about him was a challenge,” said Merrill. “So, when his attorney agreed to send him a list of our questions in September, we felt as if it was somewhat of a breakthrough. Babudar wouldn’t answer questions about his case, but he did paint a picture of a man who got caught up in his own superfan persona.”

Babudar’s pretrial conference is set for April, according to KCCI.

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