More is not better

I don't believe we need to trade for another WR, and with the deadline looming I don't think we will be getting one. I believe the WR room is too crowded and we need to dump some players. There is talent to be had with what we have, but they have not been given the opportunity. We are doing them a great disservice because they are not able to build reps and rapport with Mahomes when the ball is being spread around to seven guys plus tight ends. Everything runs through Travis Kelce. Yes, he is a tight end but effectively he is our WR1. Behind him rookie Rashee Rice has started to look more like a solid WR2; similar to what JuJu was last year. But, He would be our WR1. Remember he is a rookie in an Andy Ried offense so growing pains are expected, but he has started to take form. Behind Rice I would play Mecole Hardman as WR2. He is our speed guy and (personal opinion) more reliable than MVS. Sky Moore has not lived up to the expectation of what he was supposed to be and think we should look at walking from him. MVS and Toney also have seen their fair share of struggles. More than what you would expect for them and so I would put one or the other in as WR3 and cut the other. I would also keep Justin Watson as a rotational player.

Now, before ya'll go blowin up on me this is all my opinion. It is not rooted in statistics. Lets have the comments below for the analysts and see who they prefer based on the stats. But, I think we can all agree (I hope) that we need to reduce spreading the love around and narrow in on who should be getting more snaps, and develop that rapport with Mahomes so we have a better chance to get back to the Superbowl and win.

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