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Week 9 AP NFL power rankings: Ravens now the AFC’s top team

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

For Halloween week, the Chiefs managed to frighten their entire fanbase — terrifying them with an offensive output that would be unlikely to scare even the softest NFL team. The reaction to the loss was about as rational as we come to expect: lots of screaming and crying.

And I reacted in exactly the same way that you probably did.

But as Pete Sweeney pointed out earlier this week, a lot of teams are losing games unexpectedly. While it can be hard to have perspective when your team plays that badly, we should still acknowledge that the Chiefs (and most NFL teams) have a game like this every year.

It’s going to be OK... right?

This week’s voters were Stephen Serda, Ron Kopp. Jr, Jared Sapp, Nate Christensen, Dakota Watson, and myself.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (2nd)

The counter play from the ‘tush push’ was a thing of beauty.

2. Baltimore Ravens (3rd)

They refused to put the Cardinals away — and almost paid for it.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (1st)

4. Miami Dolphins (5th)

I genuinely fear the worst about Sunday’s game. Tyreek Hill will have a point to prove — not that he hasn’t already made it.

5. Detroit Lions (7th)

Fantasy owners, rejoice!

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (6th)

The Steelers quarterbacks loved giving the ball to Jaguar defenders. How kind.

7. San Francisco 49ers (4th)

Brock Purdy cannot stop making mistakes.

8. Dallas Cowboys (8th)

The Cowboys are a completely different animal at home.

9. Buffalo Bills (9th)

Got away with some big-time defensive pass interference. If you you’re not cheating, you're not trying.

10. Seattle Seahawks (10th)

The first of a couple of comments about uniforms. Their blue number was incredible. They should wear it all the time.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (11th)

Everyone should fear that version of the Bengals.

12. Cleveland Browns (12th)

If only they hadn’t given Deshaun Watson that ridiculous contract.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (21st)

Brandon Staley in?!

14. New York Jets (17th)

The scary thing about this team is that once Aaron Rodgers returns, they will remain in contention.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (13th)

Kenny Pickett to Mitch Trubisky = Spiderman meme.

16. Houston Texans (14th)

We can't take them seriously if that's how they are going about their business. You can't drop that game.

17. New Orleans Saints (22nd)

F— it! Rashid Shaheed is down there somewhere.

18. Atlanta Falcons (16th)

It looked a lot better when Tyler Heinicke came in. Perhaps they should roll with him for a while.

19. Minnesota Vikings (15th)

You've got to feel for Kirk Cousins. They had all the look of a fun team to watch down the stretch.

20. Los Angeles Rams (18th)

Boat-raced by the Cowboys — despite all of the pressure on Dak early in the game.

21. Tennessee Titans (25th)

Well, well, well. Their throwbacks were easily the GOAT. I almost bought one.

22. Indianapolis Colts (20th)

Time to start thinking about losing.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19th)

Will feel like they were treated unfairly, no doubt.

24. Washington Commanders (23rd)

Wow! They’re giving away talent!

25. Denver Broncos (31st)

I hope you enjoyed your Super Bowl win. #NotBitter

26. New England Patriots (24th)

Kendrick Bourne has been a bright spot in a bad season. He’ll be gutted to miss the remainder of it.

27. Green Bay Packers (26th)

Rashan Gary signing a new long-term contract is great news for them. They’ve not had a lot of that recently.

28. Las Vegas Raiders (28th)

They’re awful.

29. Chicago Bears (27th)

They’re even worse.

30. Arizona Cardinals (30th)

Kyler Murray will be back this week — after they traded Josh Dobbs to the Vikings. Kyler is playing for his job.

31. New York Giants (29th)

How do you lose that game? Seriously!

32. Carolina Panthers (32nd)

The Panthers' final second win cost me a bet. Not happy.

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