Something that does not get enough attention..!

Is how no one mentions how difficult it is to win in the NFL week in, week out. Having sustained success for years upon years is literally unheard of in the NFL outside of a handful of coaches. Hell, Mike Tomlin is literally celebrated for having a winning record every year..

Creating a dynasty in the NFL is pretty much impossible, especially today with the salary cap. Yet somehow in KC we are literally building just that. But what no one wants to talk about is how hard it is on these players, week in, week out to go out there and give it 100%, especially with a giant target on their back.

KC was a non-Mahomes slide away from dropping 30 points against the best defense they will see all year, and yet all we hear about is how bad the WR room is.

Why don't we just celebrate the fact that is it incredibly difficult to win in the NFL, and the Chiefs (almost always) make it look pretty easy.

3-1 in September - I think 3-1 again in October, yet in November it'll be the same old song and dance from us fans!

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