Use the non-exclusive franchise tag on Chris Jones next spring.

Hear me out. This would give us time needed, possibly, to get a real deal done IF we want to keep him here, and Veach decides that is a priority.

The cost is going to likely be around 20-21 million for next year (It was just below 19 million for DT for this year). If a team decides they really want Jones, they can offer him more than that BUT then we get TWO 1st round picks. That would be IMHO a decent trade for Jones. Otherwise, they could call us and offer a trade that includes picks and players and see if we would bite. OR we get a really good DT for 1 more year at a cheap cost. If Jones decides to sit out again, he will lose over a million per game for those that he sits out. I doubt, like this year, that that would last very long.


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