Chiefs Conspiracy Theory: Trade for Hunter Renfrow

Disclaimer: I'm just a guy who loves Chiefs football. I'm not an expert at X's and O's. I do try to do my research, but I'm sure there's things I miss. Feel free to comment below to help me get better.

Note: A "Conspiracy Theory" is not something I think will happen. In fact, I think it's unlikely to happen. And it's not necessarily something I hope will happen though in this case I do.

The Chiefs’ WRs have disappointed so far in 2023. The trade deadline is approaching, and several teams could (and should) be looking to trade away some key players in order to restock or rebuild next year. Here are 10 guys who could help the Chiefs and what I would do if I were Brett Veach.

6 Dis-honorable Mentions

1. TE Hunter Henry – Patriots: Henry can move the chains and be a threat in the red zone. I’m not sure he’s much of an upgrade over Noah Grey, AND he comes with a $15.5M cap hit for 2023 (which is probably closer to $10M at this point because of game checks already paid out). He would also be a 1-year rental as his contract ends after this season. Still, if I was Veach, I’d pass.

2. WR Kendrick Bourne – Patriots: His cap hit is only $7M for 2023. I just don’t see how he moves the needle in this offense. Pass.

3. WR Juju Smith-Schuster – Patriots: He was a good player for KC last year, but he chose money over the Chiefs. Not judging. Just saying. It’s probably better if both parties move on. Pass.

4. WR Darnell Mooney – Bears: I think he’s just a smaller MVS. Maybe there’s more to the story than that. Perhaps his hands are a little better. Perhaps his routes are cleaner. Perhaps he tracks the ball a bit better. With all the 2-high looks we get, I just don’t think he’d get the same opportunities he got in Chicago with their run-heavy scheme. Pass.

5. WR Courtland Sutton – Broncos: Sutton had a monster year in 2019: 124 targets, 72 catches, 1,112 yards, and 6 TDs. I’m not sure 2 Chiefs receivers will combine for those numbers this year. Still, that was 4 years ago. And Sutton has signed a contract that pays him $18M in 2023, $17M in 2024, and another $18M in 2025. I just don’t see Veach trying to squeeze the cap to make those numbers work. Pass

6. WR Mecole Hardman – Jets: No. Ok? Just no. Hard Pass on Hard-Hands Hardman.

4 Intriguing Options

That leaves 4 guys I think are worth picking up the phone for:

The Established Veteran

Marquise "Hollywood" Brown has 3 seasons with over 100 targets, 700 yards, and 6 TDs with his best year coming in 2021: 146 targets, 91 catches, 1,008 yards, and 6 TDs. His cap hit is $13M but perhaps AZ can eat some of that as part of the trade to increase their compensation. He would be a 1-year rental at this point, but there is a world where he’s the missing piece to another Lombardi Trophy in KC. If I’m Veach, I pick up the phone and make an offer, maybe a 4th round pick or equivalent value if AZ ate some of his cap number.

Good Young Player on a Bad Team

Jerry Jeudy has been blessed with incredible football talent, and cursed with a horrible landing spot in Denver. In 3 years, he has 2 seasons with over 100 targets, 850 yards, and 3 TDs so he’s been more of a chain-mover than a red zone threat. That said, he can line up anywhere and run any route. His cap hit this year is only $5M before climbing to $13M on his 5th-year option in 2024. The Broncos are going nowhere this year… or anytime soon with Russell Wilson at QB and a mess on defense. I don’t necessarily like helping Denver with their rebuild, but perhaps we could work out something. I think the highest I’d go for Jeudy with only 2 years left on his deal is a 3rd rounder, maybe asking for a 6th or 7th rounder back as well.

Rookie Sensation Turned Afterthought

Kyle Pitts was the first TE in NFL history to record 1,000 yards receiving. And now he’s being outperformed by Jonnu Smith down in Atlanta. He’s only had 3 TDs in 2+ seasons despite being an obvious red zone weapon because of his size, speed, and strength. I think Arthur Smith is an offensive genius, but I can’t figure out his under-utilization of Pitts who’s on pace for 707 yards this year with 0 TDs. While the Falcons are off to a decent start at 3-2, I think everyone knows they’re not ready to compete with Philly and San Francisco this year, so why not move on from Pitts and reset the roster-building clock a bit? Pitts cap hit this year is $9M (so probably closer to $5-6M by the trade deadline) and $10M next year. Tony Gonzalez, Travis Kelce, Kyle Pitts. It works for me. Let the kid learn under (one of?) the greatest TE of all time and perhaps become great himself. If I’m Veach I pick up the phone and offer KC’s 3rd rounder next year for Pitts.

Solid Player Benched by New Regime

After 2 decent years, Hunter Renfrow exploded in 2021 for 128 targets, 103 catches (80% catch rate), 1,038 yards, 9 TDs and 51 1st downs. So nearly half the times he was targeted he got either a first down or a touchdown. Those are awesome numbers. And Josh McDaniel wants nothing to do with him. In 10 games last year Renfrow was targeted 50 times for 36 catches, 330 yards, and 2 TDs. With LV adding Jakobi Meyers this offseason, in 5 games this year he’s had only 9 targets, 6 catches, 59 yards and 0 TDs. He’s getting less than 2 targets and 12 yards a game. At this pace he'll have 200 yards this year with a $13M cap hit meaning he'll make $65,000/yard. That's a huge waste of money by the Raiders (surprise!). He may as well not be on the team. His cap number is a bit much for the Chiefs current cap situation with a similar hit in 2024. Still, this kid is a baller… and he catches the darn ball! He’s the Cooper Kupp of the AFC West. Perhaps the Chiefs can get him for a song, that is to say a 6th or 7th round pick. I'd probably go as high as a 5th rounder for this kid. That’s the 1st call I’d make if I was Brett Veach.


Now, it’s possible that the Chiefs young pass-catchers will figure it out, and we don’t need to add anyone. I’m not against that. But what if we could nab one of the 4 guys I’m most intrigued by? I’d be all for it. What do you think, my friends? Am I crazy?

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