Why The 23' AFCCG Should Determine Spagnuolo's Future As The Chiefs' Defensive Coordinator

Chiefs fans are so use to the aberrational historic absurd greatness of Mahomes and the Chiefs offense bailing them out for half a decade that mediocre to average defensive performance usually gets a pass. Augmenting this fact, is that younger Chiefs fans in the nascence of Mahomes ascendancy in 2018 saw anything with a pulse as a markedly better than Bob Sutton's schemes and defense (and it was). However, there should be ZERO and I do mean zero excuses this game for nothing less than a defensive performance of the ages, not just from Spag's scheme but the talent of our front four notably Chris Jones, Frank Clark and an emerging George Karlaftis against backup interior offensive linemen or banged up compromised starters. The offense, all things considered will march along with creative beauty and methodical precision, which is the NFL's golden standard of offensive football.

With that being said, the way Bengals players, coaches and even their municipal officials have been disrespecting one of the NFL's most hallowed stadiums along with the Chiefs QB1; this is the type of bulletin board fuel that animates extreme fury and violence from NFL defenses no matter the ranking, out of simple pride. "Burrowhead"? And as a Chiefs defender, you're supposed to allow this? Ok... Given Spag's history, he's not a defensive genius in terms of all three levels of defensive game-planning, tactics and wizardry. However, he is a defensive genius SPECIALIST, in one area... the front four/seven à la' the pass-rush. This is his area par excellence of expertise as noted by both underdog Giants defensive Super Bowl led wins over prime era Tom Brady. They won both games by the extreme effort and talent exerted by their front four, especially Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora.


The Bengals indeed do have an seismic advantage in their receiving corps BUT and it's a big but (no pun), the Bengals are missing 3 interior lineman while the Chiefs are fielding a healthy DPOY (defensive player of the year) finalist in Chris Jones, an experienced Frank Clark and absolutely ferocious young bull-rusher in "the Greek." Additionally, the Chiefs don't have to worry about spying Burrow as if he's Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen to break contain. He's shifty but not overtly mobile. A less than mobile QB down three offensive interior lineman which is CJ95's natural habitat, should allow the Chiefs to sack and gather QB hits early and often on Burrow in addition to stopping the run. While I am a personal fan of the oft aggression of Spag's preponderance of blitz packages, Burrow will find the open guy as perhaps the current best pre-read signal caller to beat the blitz. But that shouldn't matter anyway, why?

Spag's as the Giants DC and two-time underdog beat Brady 2x utilizing a four man pressure each time to drop additional defenders in coverage. Therefore, with Spag's being a defensive line specialist as his forté with KC having a notable and seismic advantage at defensive line over Cincy's offensive line, somehow some way if Spag's loses this game with his scheme; it should be pass due to replace him in the off season for a DC with a more modern and savvy approach to maximizing all three levels of the Chiefs notable defensive talent. I know the pride Chris Jones and Frank Clark have for this franchise and I know those two are going to bring the house, flamethrowers and hell with them on every rush given the Bengals public disrespect. To me if our defense doesn't have a bevy of sacks, QB hits and forced turnovers with that current Bengals' offensive line, the loss to me will come down strictly to Steve Spagnuolo's game plan and scheme.

Mahomes has never won a Superbowl or gone to a Super Bowl berth even with a top 5 or even top 10 defense (unlike Brady, Roethelisberger, Wilson etc, etc...). Not only should the Chiefs' defense and their "Arrowhead Pride" propel them as best they can to channel the 2000 Ray Lewis led Ravens but also because, they really... really owe Mahomes at least one standout game where they carry him and the day. They've been carried for 5 years straight, they should feel obligated to carry him for AT LEAST 1 game. CJ95, Clark, Nnadi, even young Karlaftis and Steve Spagnuolo have no excuses, they are the better unit by leaps and bounds against the Bengals' current offensive line, and if as NFL vets say, "NFL games especially the playoffs are won in the trenches," there shouldn't be an excuse. CJ95's production whether sacks or taking on double teams allowing others to feast or... lack thereof and Steve Spagnulo's game plan should determine job security for one and trade value/cap space for the second. NO EXCUSES!

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