150 interesting (mostly) little questions for 2023 offseason


1. QB: If Henne is retiring, what’s the plan at QB2? Is Andy ready to send Buechele out there if the worst should happen? Are we going to sign a veteran? And if so, which one: Baker? Darnold? Jimmy G? Teddy B? Brissett? Keenum? Dalton? Mike White? Heinicke? Minshew? Other? Are we interested in taking a page out of the Belichik GM handbook and using one of our 12 picks on a mid-round QB that we could develop now and trade later?

2. RB: Pacheco and CEH seem like locks. Will CEH live up to his hype, potential, and draft capital in year 4? Will McKinnon be back? RoJo? Again, how about using one of those 12 picks to bring in some fresh legs? Will the Chiefs be interested in a bell cow or are they happy to continue with an RBC? If they want an RBC, who’s a good complement to Pacheco in this year’s draft or FA pool? Samaje Perine maybe?

3. WR: Is Toney-Skyy-MVS the starting trio? Is Kadarius Toney Cheetah 2.0? Can Skyy put it all together? Will MVS get more reliable with his hands? Is he a cut candidate because of his big cap hit? I don't think so. Can Justyn Ross live up to the hype? Can John Ross rediscover his mojo? What are the odds Fryfogle steps up? Zero? Will any of Juju, Mecole, or Justin Watson be back? If they leave, what sort of contracts will they sign? I wouldn’t be upset if our top 3 coming out of camp were some combination of Toney, Skyy, MVS, and/or one of the Ross’s. With a depleted FA pool, do Veach & Co. even have their eyes on anyone? Jacobi Meyers? Darius Slayton? Any chance of trading for DHop? Or is this another one for the draft?

4. TE: How long will Kelce be TE1 over the entire NFL? Is Bell coming back? If not him, who’s our blocking TE? Will this be another year the Chiefs bring in lots of TE’s to camp, or are they more interested in toying with other areas? Are the Chiefs going to bring in a true successor to Kelce in 2023? Mayer from ND? Musgrave? D. Washington out of Georgia?

5. OT: These questions are kind of big because they’re about protecting Pat. Is OBJ coming back or has he soured the relationship too much? What about Wylie? Can Niang and Kinnard get healthy? Can they develop into starters? What about Wanogho? Can any of these young guys take the job from Wylie if he’s back? Can any of them step up if OBJ is gone? After the franchise tags are used, will there be any quality tackles left in FA? Is Fisher an option? Beachum? McGlinchey? Jason Peters?

6. IOL: We’ve got 3 stud starters but no one under contract as the backup. Would Allegretti come back? I expect someone to offer him starter money and a starting job based on his strength, skill, versatility, and being part of a championship team. How could he pass that up? Do you need to bring in 2 guys to replace him, a backup C and a backup G? How would that impact roster construction?

What about Reiter?


7. DE: Are they really going to cut Clark or could they work out another deal where maybe he gets $10M and the other $18M become NLTBE bonuses? Dunlap has been amazing. Will he be back or is someone going to offer him more? Or will he retire if he gets a ring? Who else might the Chiefs get on a similar type of deal and get a similar level of production? This year’s draft class appears deep at pass rusher. Is there someone the Chiefs would like? Could they double or triple dip with all their picks? Could Danna take another step in his development? Is Kaindoh and/or Herring ready to contribute? Could Chenal be moved into a full-time pass-rush role if the Chiefs draft another LB?

8. DT: What are the chances of Jones getting another extension? Of getting traded for a boatload of picks? Both? Will Saunders be back after his emergence this year? What happens to Nnadi and Williams? Will they all be gone and give Turk Wharton a chance to step in? If the Chiefs have a chance to draft a stud interior pass rusher, will they pull the trigger? What could that mean for Jones’ future? With some quality interior guys about to hit FA, will they target one of them? Cox? Hargrave?

9. LB: Will the Chiefs bring back the same 5 young guys next year? Will they be tempted to upgrade in the draft? Could a Micah Parsons or Roquan Smith-type fall to them late in the first or the second? Or late enough for them to trade up?

10. CB: Will the Chiefs have a single veteran CB on the roster in 2023? Could Sneed and McDuffie both be shutdown corners? If so, who’s going to be CB3: Watson? Williams? Other? Will the Chiefs offer Sneed a well-deserved extension? Is Nazeeh Johnson the CB5? Or could he jump to CB3? Do they draft another corner this year with one of their 12 picks? Would they trade up for one again?

11. S: Will the Chiefs let Thornhill walk in FA? I think so. Is Cook ready to start? I think so. Who’s going to be the S3 if Nazeeh is moving to CB? Is Bush coming back or moving on to someplace he can get more defensive snaps? Who will they bring in for depth? With the young corners and linebackers developing, will 3-safety looks disappear?

Special Teams

12. Coach: I know Andy is loyal to a fault. Could Dave Toub get fired if/when he costs the Chiefs a Super Bowl a la Bob Sutton?

13. K: Can Butker get healthy and back on track? Could Justin Reid get a few more kicks in?

14. P: Townsend is gold as a punter. Can he develop some ability to fake: run? Pass? Can he develop as a holder? Should the Chiefs consider using a QB or other skill position player as holder instead in case they want to fake?

15. Returners: Will they bring in a return specialist in FA or draft? Not Veach's style before this year, but there have been plenty of reasons for considering it.

Free Agency and the Draft

16. Chiefs’ Free Agents: What sort of money will Juju get? Thornhill? Mecole? Wylie? Allegretti? McKinnon?

17. OBJ: Will he get the tag again? I think so. If so, will they work out a long term deal or trade him or just let him play out the year? If not, where will he go and what will he get?

18. Free Agency: What players, and what type of players, will the Chiefs be targeting? Offensive tackle and pass-rusher seem like the biggest holes depending on who the Chiefs bring back. Could the Chiefs take a big swing or would they rather make a small investment with chance at a nice ROI like Dunlap? What about a veteran backup QB? A pass-catching RB if McKinnon leaves? At least 1 IOL if Allegretti signs elsewhere? A veteran CB? A special teams ace LB or S? A true punt/kick returner? Will they target guys from other AFC West teams? From other contenders?

19. Cap: With $23M in projected cap space before signing anyone, how much space will Veach & Co. create? $20M $30M? $40M? Will they do it by cutting Clark? MVS? By pushing money into the future? Restructuring contracts with NLTBE incentives? All of the above?

20. Draft: With 12 picks and very few holes outside of presumably OT, DE, and possibly WR, what will the strategy be? Trade up to get your guys? Trade back to get more swings? Trade forward and up for future picks? Draft and develop a QB mid/late-rounds? Stetson Bennett? Max Duggan?


21. Coaches: Will Bienemy get an HC offer? What about Spags? Will somebody poach one of the younger guys for a Coordinator role?

22. Players: Will Frank Clark have any more run-ins with the law? Will Pat’s acting abilities improve? Will he be making some new deals/commercials? Will Kelce get to talk during a commercial? Will Big Red do another one?

23. Front Office: Will Veach lose any more key guys?

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