Draft Position Clarifying

Reminder - only 31 picks in first round this year, due to Miami losing a pick.

If the Chiefs and Eagles lose in the conference championship games, the Chiefs will pick 28th and the Eagles will pick 29th, on the basis of the Eagles beating the Colts in one of their five common opponent games. We could take comfort in SOMETHING good coming from that inexplicable loss.

If the Chiefs lose and the 49ers lose, the Chiefs will pick 29th, since we put a 40 burger on on those pathetic little pretenders head to head. I don't know why everybody else keeps forgetting that game.

If the Chiefs win Sunday and then lose in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs will pick 30th. But we're not going to beat the Bengals with a gimpy legged QB only to lose to some NFC team.

If the Chiefs can get past the Bengals and then win it all, then - well, picking 31st would certainly be a good problem to have.

1/25/23 9:24 am This post was edited for clarity... some draft sites show the Dolphins pick as empty, leaving '32' picks in the first round. Others move everybody up a spot. I've changed the above to move the pick numbers up by one, as that seems to be the consensus now. Thanks ificouldbelikeveach.

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