"Victory goes to…"

"…the player who makes the second to last mistake." The Kansas City Chiefs are hosting their Fifth consecutive AFC championship title game. But it came at a cost. All eyes are now on Patrick Mahomes II and his high ankle sprain. The Chiefs face the Cincinnati Bangles for the second consecutive year in the AFCCG and are 0-3 against Joe Burrow. The Chiefs had plenty of opportunity to win all three of those games with relative ease, but they were the ones to make the final mistake; no run game in the second half, costly penalties, and a late uncharacteristic fumble from Travis Kelce.

The Bengals did not beat the Chiefs in convincing fashion. They did not dominate like many of these media commentators would have you believe. The Chiefs screwed up and it cost them the lead in every game. It wasn’t Joe Burrow leading the way the whole game or the Bengals defense choking the offense. Each game was decided by only three points. That was with a healthy Mahomes. This Sunday - at best - Mahomes will be 60% strength. Give or take 10%.

One of the most idiotic things you hear or read from these sports commentators constantly is how one QB bested the other QB as if they were the only two people on the field. Burrow did not get the better Patrick Mahomes or one of these other stupid sayings they have. Joe Burrow beat the Chiefs defense by playing well. The Chiefs defense lost these games to Joe a Burrow because the played poorly and made too many mistakes that allowed wide open targets, had poor tackles, or costly penalties.

Now that Mahomes is injured the team is going to have to step up as a whole. I hate that I have to agree with Skip Bayless, but to his point this could help improve Mahomes even further. While he may not be able to make magic happen with his ability to run and make incredible passes, Mahomes will have to be more methodical. Short quick passes and a strong run game. He is going to have to be calculated and find those open guys. This could elevate his game further which is scary to say. This also is going to require the OL (especially the OTs) to bring their absolute best to keep Mahomes clean and further injuring him. The WR corps are really gonna have to provide Mahomes solid options outside of Kelce to get the ball to and make plays. Most of all that defense is going to have to be the best it’s been all year. Create turnovers, force punts, get sacks, limit penalties. Let the Bengals make the final mistake. They have the opportunity to do it. The question is will they??

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