Can the Chiefs do it?

Long time fan and been having my doubts all year that the Chiefs would even make it this far in 2022. Bengals, 49r's and Eagles all look better to me than the Chiefs. Even if we get through to the Superbowl. I have a tough time suspending disbelief that the Chiefs could beat what will likely be the Eagles. I know it's all got to play out first but even if the Chiefs don't make it I don't see the Bengals doing it either. Maybe I am missing something or it's just 50 + years of Lin Elliot's haunting my mind. Defense is what worries me along with the ability of Reid et al to adjust if game plan isn't working. Those two and the solidity and depth of Cincinnati. They really seem like a team of 52 where the Chiefs are somewhere less than 20 when it comes to depth. It's been an entertaining year but I am keeping expectations low and just trying to enjoy the games for what they are.

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