2023 Live Mock Draft

What's up Arrowhead!

This is Pittsblitz56 from over at BTSC and our draft group, The Legacy. I know you guys are still playing but with Pittsburgh's season cut short I am starting the search for our vacant positions in our Live Mock Draft. The Chiefs have a GM spot open and would love to have a Kansas City draft fan to join our group. The draft is a 3 day event starting Friday night ( Round 1) going into Saturday ( Rounds 2-3) and Sunday( Rounds 4-7). We have 23 GMs returning from last year and about half of those have been mainstays for about 10 years. The drafts used to take place on SB Nation but the new system doesn't allow for the high volume of comments during our draft, so we moved to a private site. Most of the members are from the respective SB Nation NFL sites and often share the results. The draft generally takes place just a little in front of the NFL draft and we do our best to avoid Easter weekend. If you have interest or know of a good candidate leave a comment or send them in this direction. If you have questions feel free to leave those as well.

Thanks for your time and good luck the remainder of the Playoffs

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