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Wild Card weekend NFL Power Rankings: The AFC powerhouses are on top

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

NFL: OCT 16 Bills at Chiefs Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

And just like that, the NFL regular season is over.

We can finally say goodbye to most of the mediocre teams that have plagued the NFL in 2022. I’d love to say that we managed to get rid of them all. But, oh no... the league had to go and give each conference an extra playoff spot — all in the name of money.

Apologies for not bringing you our power rankings last week. We just didn’t think my tongue-in-cheek remarks woould have been appropriate while Damar Hamlin was unconscious in a Cincinnati hospital. It’s great news to see that he is well on the way to making a recovery.

This week’s voters were Rocky Magaña, Jared Sapp, Price Carter, Dakota Watson, Nate Christensen and myself.

1. Buffalo Bills (1st)

The opening kickoff return touchdown by Nyheim Hines was storybook stuff. If they win the Super Bowl, their “America’s Game” will be box office.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (3rd)

Thanks to the Chiefs, I found out over the weekend that Americans call it, “ring around the Rosie.” Here in the U.K., we call it “ring a ring ‘o’ roses.”

3. Cincinnati Bengals (4th)

This team really does have an “us against the world” attitude.

4. San Francisco 49ers (5th)

Kyle Shanahan is a genius.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (2nd)

Jalen Hurts came along to save the day — although Gardner Minshew probably could have done that against the Giants’ backups.

6. Dallas Cowboys (6th)

I’ve got a feeling that they’ll be one-and-done.

7. Los Angeles Chargers (8th)

Why would you play your starters in a meaningless game?

8. Minnesota Vikings (7th)

Wouldn’t be surprised if they are also one-and-done.

9. Baltimore Ravens (9th)

If Lamar Jackson doesn’t play against the Bengals, it could be a long night for Ravens fans.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (11th)

Let’s go Jags!

11. New York Giants (12th)

I can absolutely see them beating the Vikings this weekend.

12. Miami Dolphins (10th)

The better of the two seventh seeds. But I still don’t think they stand a chance of making the Super Bowl.

13. Seattle Seahawks (17th)

I’m expecting them to get destroyed this weekend.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19th) — This week’s highest riser

It feels dangerous to have Tom Brady so low in the rankings.

15. Detroit Lions (13th)

By itself, ending the Packers’ season was worth turning up for.

16. Green Bay Packers (16th)

No one has time for Aaron Rodgers’ bull**** this year. Just retire already.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (21st)

The Dolphins probably saved the Steelers from a fair amount of embarrassment.

18. New England Patriots (22nd)

Bill will be back — but will he get the offensive help he so badly needs?

19. Washington Commanders (14th)

One of the many teams that will be looking to find a quarterback this offseason.

20. Tennessee Titans (18th)

Every neutral fan is happy that the Titans didn’t make the playoffs. No one wanted to watch them again.

21. New York Jets (15th) — This week’s greatest faller

The Jets should prioritize signing Derek Carr this offseason. He instantly makes them a much better team.

22. Carolina Panthers (20th)

They threw for less than 50 yards... and won. That’s how you win in January.

23. Cleveland Browns (24th)

They would absolutely get out of the Watson contract — if they could. It’s too bad they’re idiots.

24. New Orleans Saints (25th)

Daniel Sorenson and Tyrann Mathieu led the Saints in interceptions, FYI.

25. Atlanta Falcons (26th)

Almost won their division... with seven wins.

26. Las Vegas Raiders (23rd)

As of right now, it appears Josh McDaniels’ job is safe.

27. Los Angeles Rams (27th)

Lions fans probably hate you.

28. Denver Broncos (32nd)

No one actually wants this job, right?

29. Arizona Cardinals (29th)

At some point next season, I look forward to hearing from Kliff Kingsbury on Arrowhead Pride’s “From The Podium” podcast

30. Chicago Bears (28th)

They are going to get a monster haul for that No. 1 pick.

31. Indianapolis Colts (30th)

Jeff Saturday wants the head coaching job full-time. Surely not, right?

32. Houston Texans (31st)

Lovie Smith is going out like a boss.

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