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From the Editors Show: 3 marinated takeaways ahead of the postseason

Pete Sweeney and John Dixon discuss their marinated takeaway from the Chiefs' playoff bye-sealing win over the Raiders.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On the latest episode of the Arrowhead Pride Editors’ Show podcast, Pete Sweeney and John Dixon are joined by Stephen Serda to discuss their marinated takeaways from Saturday’s win over the Raiders.

(Listen to the podcast above or by clicking here. It is also available on Spotify.)

The postseason rushing attack

John: “I actually loved the running game on Saturday against the Raiders... The Chiefs had more rushing snaps than passing snaps in this game and could have put up more points, but they didn’t need to. It just showed me that this offense can still be highly effective even when they choose to run the ball over passing. We’ve talked about the running game all season — and Andy never fully utilizes it, but I thought they did it effectively in Week 18... Ronald Jones got his most touches of the season and this is probably just a thank you from the Chiefs ahead of the playoffs but it’s good to see them know they can run the football.”

The special teams didn’t make a mistake

Steve: “Last week, when Dave Toub spoke to the media he was as honest and upfront as he has been all year. He acknowledged how bad they have been this season — and how important it was to get things figured out ahead of the playoffs. There was nothing negative from the special teams unit during Saturday’s game. For weeks it’s been special teams error after special teams error and they finally didn’t have a negative moment. I think just having one full game where you didn’t make any negative plays on specials teams is huge for this team ahead of the playoffs.”

A well-rounded performance

Pete: “There’s a couple of things if you really want to you can nitpick from this game, but overall this was one of their more well-rounded performances in a while. The defense played well, the offense did more than enough, and the special teams didn’t make mistakes. I think we’re seeing the Chiefs understand if they don’t turn the football over they are going to win the game. In the games they didn’t turn it over they managed to win every single one of them. This team is built so well that if they can win the turnover battle it’s probably over. That becomes so important once we get into the postseason.”

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