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Week 4 AP NFL Power Rankings: Eagles, Dolphins and Ravens leapfrog Chiefs

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s safe to say that this season has been pretty mental so far, right?

But this past weekend certainly takes the biscuit.

Just as you were thinking the standings are rounding into shape — and that we have a feel for who the big guns really are — some pesky teams that no one fancied before the season come along and take out some ‘contenders.’

NFL, you never cease to amaze me.

This week's voters were Jared Sapp, Stephen Serda, Rocky Magana, Matt Stagner, Nick Schwerdt, Stan Nelson, Connor Helm, Price Carter, Nate Christensen, Tom Ruprecht and myself.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (5th)

So far, the most impressive team in football this season.

2. Buffalo Bills (1st)

The tablet smash from Bills’ OC Ken Dorsey will live on in meme form... forever.

3. Miami Dolphins (8th)

If the Bills had managed the comeback, then the butt punt would have been the most comical way to lose a game... ever.

4. Baltimore Ravens (6th)

Once again, Lamar Jackson is showing the world how cheap the Ravens were in the summer.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (2nd)

The Chiefs made a lot of us look very foolish this past weekend — including me for this edition of Five questions with the enemy.

6. Green Bay Packers (7th)

The Packers are missing ‘Tae Adams.

7. Los Angeles Rams (10th)

100 souls claimed by Aaron Donald.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4th)

Brady vs. Mahomes just doesn’t have the same feeling this year. Agree?

9. Cincinnati Bengals (11th)

For whom are you cheering this Thursday, Chiefs fans? Eli Apple or Tyreek Hill?

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (22nd) This week’s highest riser

Wait, they beat the Chargers by how much? Welcome to the top ten for the first time ever!

11. Los Angeles Chargers (3rd)

Are the Chargers trying their hardest to lose Herbert for the year? Incredibly dumb move from Staley and his staff.

12. Minnesota Vikings (12th)

The Vikings' defense stepped up when it mattered most. Blow that horn!

13. San Francisco 49ers (9th)

I just can’t work out how they lost to the Broncos. Mind-blowing.

14. Denver Broncos (20th)

They had how many three-and-outs? Let's be clear: they moved up only because they won — not because they played well.

15. Arizona Cardinals (13th)

For the second time in four games, the Cardinals lost to the Rams.

16. Cleveland Browns (26th)

Perhaps the Steelers are now the Browns’ little brother?

17. Dallas Cowboys (19th)

Tony Pollard should be the No. 1 running back in Dallas, right?

18. Indianapolis Colts (25th)

The Colts needed a lot of help from the Chiefs to score points. There will still be obvious concerns about the offense.

19. Detroit Lions (18th)

I never thought Dan Campbell would be the type of guy who tries to not lose.

20. New York Giants (23rd)

You just know that someone is going to suggest that the Chiefs should trade for Kenny Golladay. Please don’t. #WheresKenny

21. Tennessee Titans (21st)

Appreciate the Titans looking like themselves against the Raiders.

22. New England Patriots (16th)

Mac Jones loves a turnover-worthy play.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers (15th)

George Pickens or OBJ? Answers in the comments.

24. New Orleans Saints (14th) This week’s big fallers

This team is bad.

25. Las Vegas Raiders (17th)

Imagine the Raiders having the number 1 pick during a draft hosted in Kansas City! Poetry.

26. Atlanta Falcons (28th)

Drake London is looking like a draft steal.

27. Washington Commanders (24th)

Carson Wentz holds onto the ball for so long.

28. Seattle Seahawks (27th)

The high from beating the Broncos in Week 1 seems so long ago...

29. Chicago Bears (31st)

The Bears have the same record as the Chiefs. Think about that for a second.

30. Carolina Panthers (32nd)

They must have read those power rankings — because they came out to play.

31. New York Jets (29th)

Zach Wilson will be back soon. The Jets will feel that’s when their season will truly begin.

32. Houston Texans (30th)

Back to the basement of these rankings — just like the good old days.

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