Calling you out!

I am calling out a lot of these so called Analysts that I see. Analysts like Acho and Marcellus on Speak for Yourself, Steven A, and others who have to be saying what they are saying for ratings because there is no way they can actually believe what they are saying. Bart Scott clearly just is terrible at is job or doing it for clicks when saying Chiefs wont make the playoffs.

A little bit of background first. I tend to listen to snippets about the Chiefs via YouTube to try and see what these "analysts" are saying. While they do make valid points on occasion about how the team is playing ( offense seems out of sync, defense is playing too loose) they also hold a ridiculous double standard for Mahomes and Co. compared to the rest of the league. Remember a chess grandmaster once said, "Victory goes to the player who makes the second to last mistake." The Chiefs were that team on Thursday night.

These "analysts" sing praises for other teams who were clearly outmatched by the other team but managed to squeak out wins, but the Chiefs are showing complete collapse because they struggled against a strong opponent. Or they talk about the offense looking like its on life support without Hill. If Mahomes throws for 239 yards and 3 touchdowns it should have been 380 yards for 5 touchdowns. If Mahomes throws for 380 yards and 5 touchdowns it should have been flashier with backflips and through the legs. Obviously I am being dramatic but you get the point. The Chiefs are terrible because they didn't win in a manner and style that the analysts want, but other teams are praised because they beat the better team because they happened to make one less mistake than the other team.

Anyone else see this or am I being overly dramatic here?

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