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Week 3 AP NFL Power Rankings: Eagles, Lions and Jaguars on the rise

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

NFL: SEP 18 Colts at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Wasn’t the Chiefs winning on a Thursday nice?

It meant a stress-free Sunday for Chiefs Kingdom. We were safe in the knowledge that — once again — the rest of the NFL was chasing the Chiefs.

One team that has been expected to give the Chiefs a run for their money this season was the Raiders. They were widely tipped by many to potentially be the team to topple the Chiefs in the race for the AFC West crown. After they ran out to a 20-0 lead in the first half against the Cardinals on Sunday, you might have been forgiven for agreeing with such a sentiment.

But such is life for underperforming franchises like the Raiders — and the Browns, too, by the way: disappointment is never too far away.

They call it disappointment. We call it comedy.

This week's voters were Ron Kopp Jr, Bryan Stewart, Jared Sapp, Stephen Serda, Rocky Magana, Matt Stagner, Nick Schwerdt, Mark Gunnels and myself.

1. Buffalo Bills (1st)

Dominant through two weeks. Who can possibly stop them in this form?

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2nd)

Maybe these guys?

3. Los Angeles Chargers (3rd)

Chargering — Char-ger-ing


To lose a game from a seemingly impossible position.

See also: 28-3 and Derek Carr

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4th)

Tom Brady was definitely that guy who started fights in school — and then hid behind his big friend.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (9th)

I know it’s early — but right now, my pick of an Andy Reid Super Bowl looks nice.

6. Baltimore Ravens (5th)

The only thing worse than Amazon Prime’s pre-game coverage of the Chiefs vs. Chargers was the Ravens’ coverage of the Dolphins receivers.

7. Green Bay Packers (10th)

Is there a rivalry any more tedious than Packers vs. Bears? Absolute snoozefest.

8. Miami Dolphins (13th)

Jaylen Waddle was incredible. The other wide receiver did OK too, I suppose.

9. San Francisco 49ers (11th)

I never want to see a still or replay of Trey Lance’s injury ever again.

10. Los Angeles Rams (6th)

At this moment, something with the Rams just seems off.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (8th)

When you see how badly the Bengals’ revamped offensive line is playing, it can only make you credit Brett Veach more.

12. Minnesota Vikings (7th)

Kirk Cousins is built for prime-time in the same way that the UK is built for hot weather.

13. Arizona Cardinals (16th)

Kyler Murray’s late-game heroics made Chiefs Kingdom’s weekend.

14. New Orleans Saints (14th)

That’s the Jameis Winston we all know and love.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (15th)

How long until Kenny gets the gig?

16. New England Patriots (18th)

They won — but they’re still bad.

17. Las Vegas Raiders (12th)

The Raiders being this high on the rankings shows you how bad the bottom half of the NFL is.

18. Detroit Lions (23rd)

Next week, we drink every time Scott Hanson says Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Me, next Sunday night: dhehfijewifx-0x30ridxi423cnxm

19. Dallas Cowboys (22nd)

What a response by the Cowboys: fair play.

20. Denver Broncos (20th)

The sound of Broncos fans booing the offense was as beautiful as birds singing on a bright summer morning.

21. Tennessee Titans (17th)

Against the Bills, the offensive line couldn’t block for love nor money. That has to be concerning.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (29th) This week’s highest riser

Trevor Lawrence is starting to look like a serviceable quarterback.

23. New York Giants (24th)

Are the Giants good now?

24.. Washington Commanders (21st)

Jahan Dotson looks like a stud.

25. Indianapolis Colts (19th) This week’s big fallers

Can you smell that? It’s the smell of Frank Reich’s bottom burning.

26. Cleveland Browns (26th)

Everyone enjoyed the Browns’ collapse. Well... maybe not Browns fans.

27. Seattle Seahawks (25th)

DK Metcalf’s wonder catch was taken away by a penalty flag. Had it counted, then it probably would have been the Seahawks’ highlight of the season.

28. Atlanta Falcons (28th)

A valiant effort by the Falcons.

29. New York Jets (32nd)

Joe Flacco is elite.

30. Houston Texans (31st)

At least they’re competitive.

31. Chicago Bears (30th)

I would not be surprised if the Bears don’t go any higher than this for the rest of the season.

32. Carolina Panthers (27th)

Matt Rhule will not be coaching the Panthers next season. He might not even make it to the end of the season.

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