Is the Chiefs' schedule REALLY as tough as expected?

Much has been made of the Chiefs' historically difficult schedule. But taking a look two weeks in, and maybe it isn't as bad as we thought it was. We're two weeks into the season, which is admittedly a small sample size. However, it's also nearly 12 percent of the regular season. Let's take a look at the remaining schedule and see if it looks easier or harder, relatively speaking, than at the end of last season:

@ Colts

Yes, the Colts finished with a winning record last year. They beat the Bills! By 26! At Buffalo! However, they also didn't have a great QB before, and a washed Matt Ryan isn't any better. Through two games, they look outmatched. They tied the Texans on the road and got held scoreless by the Jags, also on the road. The Chiefs will be their first home game, but after their first two games, I can't imagine a lot of hope. They do have some major injuries at WR and Shaq/Darius Leonard, which is something to keep an eye on. Easier

@ Bucs

They're good. I don't have much to say about them, because I am not sure yet if the two teams they've beaten (Dallas and New Orleans) are good or not. They haven't broken 21 points yet, despite Brady. We'll know how good they are this Sunday as they host the Packers. Before the season started, this SNF game was already one of the toughest games on the schedule, and it still is. It's also the start of a very difficult three-game stretch for the Chiefs. Same

Vs. Raiders

Are the Raiders good? I am not sure. The final score against the Chargers is deceiving, since they were down by 14 in the third before rallying to lose only by 5. But then they fell apart at home against the Cardinals, whom the Chiefs blew out. Maybe we find out when they play at Tennessee this weekend, but I don't trust them. Their schedule is pretty light this year, but they started off 0-2 before the schedule lightens up. I have a feeling they may be the annual "good bad team" that sneaks into the playoffs because they beat up on worse teams. This game is MNF at Arrowhead, though. I don't like their chances here. Easier

Vs. Bills

Still one of the hardest games on the schedule. Buffalo looked great against the Rams. This game will be a potential playoff preview. It's home for the Chiefs, though. Same

@ 49ers

Trey Lance is out for the year. I don't know that it moves the needle for the 49ers. However, this game is hard for the 49ers for a couple reasons. First, it's their only home game in a four-game stretch before their bye. Second, the next week's game for the Niners is @ the Rams, a divisional foe and reigning champs. Given that the Niners lost to the Bears and then lost their starting QB the next week, I don't worry as much about this game. Especially since the Chiefs have a bye the next week and can recuperate. Easier


Vs. Titans

They lost to the Giants at home, LOL. They're playing the Bills tonight, so we will see. One note about this game is that the Titans should be coming in hot after playing Colts-Commanders-Colts-Texans. Four teams with a combined one win. It's also "Andy Reid off a bye" week and it's SNF, so... Anyway, this rating is entirely because they lost at home to the Giants in their home opener. Easier

Vs. Jaguars

They beat the Colts soundly! But they also lost to the Commanders. I think most Chiefs fans penciled in a W here, and I don't think anything has changed. Same

@ Chargers

Woof. This is the start of an absolutely brutal four-game stretch for the Chiefs on paper. I don't need to talk about how the Chargers are a serious threat, and now they'll want revenge. Also, look at their schedule and tell me who threatens them between now and this game. In fact, other than this game, their schedule is very light until December. Harder

Vs. Rams

I mean, the Rams are good, but are they GOOD? I don't think we've seen any evidence so far. In the first two weeks they've been blown out by the Bills at home and struggled to finish off the Falcons at home. The Falcons! I still think this is a tough game on the schedule, but I don't think I'm as scared of the Rams as I was. It's also at home for the Chiefs. Slightly easier

@ Bengals

The Chiefs play at home on Thanksgiving Sunday, then not until Christmas Eve. This is the first of three road games. They're my reason for this article. They're 0-2 and have lost to the Cowboys and the Steelers. I don't think either of those teams are great, or even that good. At this rate, Joe Burrow will be sacked 100 times. Looking at their schedule, they could reasonably start off 1-4 and face an uphill battle to mediocrity. I think they'll be asking a lot of questions of themselves by the time this game comes around. They're still a tough team, but it feels like other teams might be better than them (Dolphins, Ravens, Bills, Chiefs) in the AFC. Slightly easier

@ Broncos

It's Sunday Night Football! Simply put, I don't think the Broncos are good. They lost to the Seahawks and only barely beat the Texans at home. They haven't scored more than 16 points yet. They've had the sideline shout out "Run" or "Pass" like we did in 8th grade football. The crowd is turning on them by counting down the play clock. They look outcoached. The change in coaches is better for the Chiefs. I am also less worried about their new defensive coordinator as I was Vic Fangio, who always seemed to have a good scheme against the Chiefs. Easier

@ Texans

Feistier on defense than years past. They've only given up an average of 18 points a game so far. Then again, they tied the Colts, who are bad, and lost to the Broncos by a touchdown. I'm not afraid of their offense. This game was another Chiefs fans probably penciled in as a win in the offseason, and nothing has changed. Same

Vs. Seahawks

They beat the Broncos in the Russell Wilson Bowl, but then got thumped by the Niners. Their schedule is pretty tough, so by this point in their season they'll probably be looking at a lost season. Also, do you really expect Geno Smith to win in Arrowhead on Christmas Eve? Easier

Vs. Broncos

The Chiefs finish out with two divisional foes. The Chiefs are at home during Christmas week. The Broncos have to play on Christmas Day at the Rams, then on New Year's Day at the Chiefs. YIKES. Also, all of the above things I wrote about the Broncos. Easier

@ Raiders

The Chiefs could be trying to fend off or pursue the Chargers at this point (Seriously, look at the Chargers' schedule). The Raiders, on the other hand, could be jockeying for playoff position or trying to sneak in. Their schedule is not that tough. Three of their last four games are at home. Two of their last four are against AFC teams with non top-tier QBs (sorry New England and Pittsburgh). This game could end up meaning more to the Raiders than it does the Chiefs. Or the Raiders could fall flat against middling teams and this game could be meaningless to them. Too early


There you have it: seven games look obviously easier, while another two look a bit less scary. Another game is too early to tell. Only one game (@ Chargers) looks harder two weeks in than it did on Sept. 1. That's reason for optimism for a Chiefs team that has already shown that even an off day can be enough to beat a good team.

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