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Chiefs general manager Brett Veach names the player with whom he’d share a foxhole

Speaking to 610 Sports’ Bob Fescoe on Thursday, the Kansas City GM gave an answer that will likely surprise you.

San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

As Kansas City Chiefs players assembled for Thursday’s final training camp practice at Missouri Western State University, Chiefs general manager Brett Veach spent some time with 610 Sports’ “Fescoe in the Morning” show, which was broadcasting from St. Joseph.

He first addressed how head coach Andy Reid has continued to remain successful for so long. Veach said it was all about consistency.

“He’s a guy that follows through with what he says — and treats everyone the same,” noted Veach. “Guys know that his method has been time-tested. There’s a mental aspect to this that I think you can’t really emulate [when you’re] doing it a different way.

“But I think the results speak for [themselves]. We’ve been extremely successful doing this. I can’t see changing anything.”

Since the 64-year-old Reid is approaching what would be retirement age for many people, there have often been questions about what could possibly keep him motivated— or whether he needs “a recharge.” Veach said that for Reid — and especially in an offseason like this one has been — this really isn’t a problem.

“I think anyone who really, truly excels at what they do [always embraces] change and challenge. And Andy’s no different. He’s been doing this a long time. And when he’s presented with a new obstacle in front of him, I think it really gets him going — and he’s excited.

“Certainly, we have a lot of new players on the offensive side that we’re trying to build that chemistry with — and I think he embraces that challenge and looks forward to the opportunity.”

And yes... Veach was chuckling as he realized the final sentence of his answer was an echo of something Reid routinely always says in press conferences about upcoming opponents.

Veach also found the final exchange of the interview amusing, Warned ahead of time that he’d be asked which athlete — either past or present — he’d want to have with him during a zombie apocalypse, Veach had clearly spent some time thinking about it.

“Frank Clark,” he said.

Show hosts Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler howled with laughter — and maybe you’re laughing, too. But Veach pressed on.

“He’s fearless,” he explained. “You see him running around here. Were you guys here the other day, when we had a little bit of a chippy 9-on-7? He likes to let people know he’s here. It’s great to see him during this camp. He’s healthy and lost some weight and looks great.

“But he’s fearless. There’s not a day that goes by that something doesn’t pop up in his life. But he embraces everything; there’s nothing that fazes him at all. I don’t think he would be — at all — intimidated or worried. I would feel real good if he was in the foxhole with me.”

Click here to hear the whole interview.

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