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Starting in 2023, all NFL games will be available through the Internet

According to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the Sunday Ticket package will be headed online in 2023.

NFL: DEC 15 Broncos at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

According to NBC’s “Pro Football Talk,” during a recent CNBC interview, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had big news for out-of-market Kansas City Chiefs fans: beginning in 2023, the “NFL Sunday Ticket” package will no longer be available on the DirecTV satellite television service. Instead, it will be available through an Internet streaming service.

CNBC recently reported that Apple, Disney, and Amazon have made bids for the out-of-market viewing package, with the three corporate behemoths waiting for the NFL’s next move.

As also reported by CNBC, the contracts between the NFL and CBS/Fox prevent the DirecTV successor from significantly slashing the $300 per year price for the package. This protects the companies that have paid big money for the ability to put games on the local affiliates available in a given area.

This is big news for two different reasons.

First, when Sunday Ticket becomes a streaming package, subscribers will be able to watch NFL games of their choosing on any kind of Internet-capable device — a television, computer, tablet or cellular phone — that will work during poor weather conditions; satellite services like DirecTV can fail during thunderstorms and snowstorms.

Second, Sunday Ticket will become less costly to obtain. While the price of the package itself will not be significantly less, the cost of the hosting service will be lower; Apple, Disney and Amazon subscriptions are less expensive than those for satellite TV.

The league is expected to make its new Sunday Ticket deal with one of the three streaming services this fall.

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