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‘The Match’ recap: results, one-liners, clips, tweets and more

Capital One’s The Match VI - Brady & Rodgers v Allen & Mahomes Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images for The Match

Rules: All four players hit tee shots, with each team continuing from the best ball. The teammate who didn’t hit the tee shot continued with shot 2, and the players alternated shots from there. The team took the individual player’s top score on each hole. Here’s how to watch Capital One’s “The Match.”

Match recap: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers win by a margin of 1 hole

Here’s a rundown of what happened in the match:

  • Hole 1: Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes began with great tee shots, and Mahomes and Rodgers got their respective teams closer to the hole. Josh Allen, Mahomes and Tom Brady all two-putt, but Rodgers made his birdie putt. Brady/Rodgers UP1
  • Hole 2: Rodgers had another tee shot in the middle of the fairway, as Allen hit a spectator to the right side. Mahomes’ fairway shot was hardly better. Brady’s approach landed his team on the green in two. Mahomes’ third shot was in the range of Brady on the green. Brady just missed an eagle putt and the team took another birdie. Needing a birdie putt, Mahomes missed just to the left. Brady/Rodgers UP2
  • Hole 3: TNT confirmed Mahomes opened his first “adult beverage” (Coors Light) ahead of the par 4 third hole — which led to the best drive of the four, just off the green. Brady and Rodgers took Rodgers’ ball after Brady’s landed left of the fairway. Brady’s approach shot rolled a bit past the hole, as Rodgers’ was just short. Mahomes’ putt from off the green was close enough for the team to pick the ball up with a birdie. Brady and Rodgers missed their birdie putts. Brady/Rodgers UP1
  • Hole 4: On the par 3, Allen hit his ball into the water, Mahomes sent his ball over the green, Rodgers was right of the green and Brady landed his ball on the green, setting up a far birdie opportunity. Brady and Rodgers each got the putt close enough to the hole for a par call. Allen and Mahomes put their next shots in range for makeable putts, and Allen sunk his putt for par. Brady/Rodgers UP1
  • Hole 5: Facing a par 5, Mahomes and Rodgers drove around the same area, Rodgers left of the fairway and Mahomes just on. Rodgers and Allen hit the next shots into the stands. Mahomes’ second shot was the only one to land on the green. Brady found the green on his third shot, and Allen and Rodgers were just off. Mahomes was the only player to birdie, winning the hole and tying “The Match.” EVEN
  • Hole 6: After Allen hit his shot into the stands on the par 3, he opted for his one mulligan, which he earned by throwing a football at a cardboard target of Charles Barkley’s head. The mulligan shot was no better, and the duo used Mahomes’ ball, anyway. Brady and Rodgers put their balls on the green. Both two-putted for a par, and Mahomes sunk a mid-range putt to tie the hole. EVEN
  • Hole 7: Mahomes won the long drive challenge, which meant $400,00 was donated to Feeding America (318 yards). As to be expected, Mahomes’ approach shot was the best of the four golfers, just off the green and right of the pin. Mahomes overplayed his third shot a bit, setting up a tough shot for a birdie — one he just missed. Mahomes and Brady tied the holes with a par. EVEN
  • Hole 8: On par 3, Mahomes had a beautiful drive, landing within eight feet of the hole. Rodgers also landed his ball on the green. Mahomes hit his putt for the birdie and first lead of the day. Allen/Mahomes UP1
  • Hole 9: Brady hit his ball precisely in the center of the fairway, while Allen and Mahomes settled for his ball in the rough. Mahomes rolled his ball closest to the pin, then Rodgers and Mahomes tied the hole on nice birdie putts. Allen/Mahomes UP1
  • Hole 10: Allen hit his shot in the bunker next to the green, and Mahomes’ ball was in the trees right, so the two went with Allen’s ball. The other duo took Rodgers’ tee shot. Brady and Rodgers each had a chance at a long birdie, but both players missed it. Mahomes and Allen missed their putting chances, and Brady made his putt to take one back. EVEN
  • Hole 11: On a par 4, Rodgers continued great drives by landing a ball in the middle of a narrow fairway. Mahomes hit his ball just left of the fairway. Allen’s second shot appeared to hit a member of the crowd (again), then smacked off the crowd member and onto the green. Mahomes’ approach shot looked to be close to the hole, but it rolled down a hill, setting up a tougher shot. Brady and Rodgers both had better approach shots. Mahomes’ birdie putt rolled over the hole, and he missed his par try. Allen parred the hole. Brady just missed his birdie chance, so the players went to the final hole tied. EVEN
  • Hole 12: On the par 3, Rodgers got his ball on the green and close to the pin, so Brady opted to take his mulligan — which splashed into the water near the hole. Mahomes splashed his first ball, so he used his mulligan. Mahomes’ second ball hit the green, but it made for an extremely long putt, which Allen almost made. The duo settled for a par, setting up Brady and Rodgers each having a chance for the win. After the Brady miss, Rodgers sunk the putt to win “The Match.” Brady/Rodgers WIN 1UP

What they’ll be talking about

Some one-liners to know

  • Prior to the match, Mahomes called himself the “J.R. Smith of putting” — joking that he considers himself a very streaky putter.
  • Ernie Johnson announced Mahomes as the only golfer not sacked by J.J. Watt, upon which Mahomes said he hopes that fact continues Week 1, as the Chiefs play the Cardinals.
  • Brady had the Lombardi Trophy on his golf balls, and he asked Allen if he had ever seen one.
  • Charles Barkley told Mahomes the Divisional Round was the best game he had ever seen. “The biggest thing was to stay in the moment... and luckily, the coin toss went my way, so we got to move on to the next round,” said Mahomes.
  • Allen complimented Rodgers on his golf game, saying, “That’s what happens when you don’t go to OTAs — you can be pretty good at golf.”
  • After one drive, Mahomes said he needed to adjust his power percentage because his adrenaline was too high.
  • Brady called one of his drives “a little chunky,” which he corrected to “a little Josh Alleny.”
  • As Allen continued to fire balls into the stands, Barkley joked, “We’re going to kill somebody on TV today.” Barkley was predictably the funniest panelist.
  • On the final hole, Rodgers told Brady he didn’t need to trash talk Allen, as he’d been in “his own head” all day.

Tweets and things

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