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Tyreek Hill’s new podcast teaser suggests contentious exit from team

Hill’s podcast co-host hints at a possible ‘stat supression’ in Kansas City.

NFL: Miami Dolphins OTA Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, Miami Dolphins (and former Kansas City Chiefs) wide receiver Tyreek Hill announced his new podcast — titled, “It Needed To Be Said” — with a teaser trailer. Hill is speaking about what happened regarding his exit from the Chiefs with his co-host, Julius Collins, and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

Here’s the clip:

ROSENHAUS: “And once the season was over, we reached out to the Chiefs, and we said, ‘Hey. We want to keep it going.’ Tyreek wanted to be there. Tyreek wanted to be in Kansas City.”

HILL: “Say that again — ‘Tyreek wanted to be in KC. Wanted. Wanted to be in KC, man.’”

ROSENHAUS: “We tried to do an extension with them.”

HILL: “Tried, man.”

COLLINS: “So I’ve got a follow-up question on that. So this wasn’t a situation that you demanded a crazy amount of money, right?”

HILL: “Noooooo.”

COLLINS: “This was a situation where you know what your capable of, Drew knows what you’re capable of.”

HILL: “Correct.”

COLLINS: “The team knows what you’re capable of, but they just didn’t utilize you. Now follow up on that: Do you think this was a situation to surpress his stats? To drop that value down when it came to a potential trade or signing?”

Hill sighs, and the trailer fades out.

As our Brandon Kiley quickly metioned on Twitter, Hill finished the season with 160 targets (seventh in the NFL) and 111 receptions (third in the NFL). He also finished with 10 or more targets in four of the last seven games he played as a Chiefs receiver (including the postseason). In two of the games without 10 or more targets, he played in 42% of offensive snaps or less.

It has to be said: the idea that head coach Andy Reid or quarterback Patrick Mahomes colluding to surpress Hill’s stats is outright preposterous. The Chiefs have mantained they wanted to keep Hill until the wide receiver market exploded, upon which they changed plans in favor of team flexibility.

On top of that, the Chiefs wound up trading Hill, a Plan-B option that they always were considering if it came to it. In the case of a trade, wouldn’t the Chiefs want Hill’s production to be as great as possible? That way he might be worth — let’s say, y’know — five future draft picks?

But hey. That’s the beauty of the teaser — it’s show biz, baby!

The full episode comes out June 10 — and with it should come some more context.

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