A Generational Talent

That is what Tyreek Hill is. He is an outstanding wide receiver and he will be missed by Kansas City Chiefs fans. That being said, the Chiefs aren’t going from first to worst in the AFC West or the Conference just because we lost Hill. In 5 games that Patrick Mahomes played without Hill his QBR average was 103. The lowest being a 76 and the highest being a 132 QBR. Compared to any other game it is no better or worse. However the players have improved which Mahomes gets to throw to. Mecole Hardman is still there, but JuJu and Marquez are both upgrades over the rest of the receiver corp. Defenses cannot double cover everyone so the receivers are gonna eat and make up for the loss of Hill. Before it was two guys you really had to worry about, Hill and Kelce. Now you got to worry about everyone cause someone will be open and plays will be made. The NFL asked for this when they decided to sit two high all season long practically to stop Hill. Well now you have to deal with more threats from still the most talented QB in the NFL. So let’s stop acting like the Chiefs are doomed and look at what’s actually happening.

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