Dear NFL…

The next time you decide to screw a team please be courteous enough to provide some lube. The Kansas City Chiefs are the first team in NFL history to start a season against eight teams who had a record of .500 or better in the previous year. The Arizona Cardinals (.647), the Los Angeles Chargers (.529), the Indianapolis Colts (.529), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.765), the Las Vegas Raiders (.588), the Buffalo Bills (.647) and the San Francisco 49ers (.588) are the first seven games of the season with a bye on week 8. Three of these games will be at home at Arrowhead Stadium. It goes without saying that the Chiefs will have to step up in a big way to overcome this gauntlet. Come the bye week they will either be battle tested and the rest of the NFL is screwed as they make their way to another Super Bowl appearance, or they are so broken they miss out on the playoffs for the first time in the Patrick Mahomes Era.

Personally, I will be impressed If they can reach the bye with a record of 4-3 or better. There is some help along the way though. Because he was tested positive for PEDs, DeAndre Hopkins is out the first couple of games of the 2022 season. Chiefs have a lot of new pieces on defense and will be working to figure out how to work together. I think Mahomes can carry the team this game to a win. The chargers have a tough defense, and with Herbert at the wheel I believe he will take advantage of the defense’s rookies to give the Chiefs their first loss of the season.

The Colts have Matt Ryan leading them, but it’s the run that has always be the Achilles heel for our defense. This game will be a real test of our defense’s ability to stop the run. If they can then the Chiefs carry a win. Mahomes vs Brady uh a Super Bowl rematch. Could this be the game Mahomes decimates Brady, or will Brady eat the young inexperienced defense alive? This game is a toss up for me but leaning toward a Brady victory *cringe*.

The Raiders got stronger, but are still piloted by Derek Carr. He could be great or he could be a dud, but I claim a Chiefs victory in this game. I’m just going to mark an "L" Next to the Bills because they are going to be coming in hot after their last matchup with the Chiefs. If our defense is still struggling at this point it won’t even be a close game either. However, if they are playing at average level there is a chance for a Chiefs victory. At the moment it’s very slim. Finally, the 49ers don’t know who their QB will be at this time. This could give the Chiefs the edge in this game to take the win going into the bye week. It could also rejuvenate the team coming in off a beat down from the Bills the previous week. But it is Shanahan so there is the possibility of going into the bye with back to back losses and a 4-4 record.

What do you think the Chief’s record will be come the Bye?

Week 1 - Cardinals (1-0)

Week 2 - Chargers (1-1)

Week 3 - Colts (2-1)

Week 4 - Buccaneers (2-2)

Week 5 - Raiders (3-2)

Week 6 - Bills (3-3)

Week 7 - 49ers (4-3)

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