What Success in 2022 Looks Like on Offense

I think we all know it starts and ends with Patrick Mahomes. It's going to be different year. The offense was unstoppable with Tyreek. If a defense went zone, we could count on Kelce finding the whole, if the defense went man Hill would just blow past them. Now that Hill is gone I think we see a lot more blitzing. Now it's true Mahomes is lethal versus the blitz, but nobody is going to duplicate Hill's separation.

Somebody needs to step up. JuJu, MVS, Skyy, are the newcomers, I think JuJu is more of a secondary zone buster. He might be able replicate Sammie Watkins production we missed last year. I am not as high as MVS as others, I think he is a slightly better Demarcus Robinson. I expect 600 yards and 3 TD's from him. Skyy Moore is an unknown at the moment. Maybe we get 1000 yards and 8 TD's, maybe he is completely invisible.

I think if we compete with the Bengals, and the Bill's this year. The production needs to increase from tenured players on the Roster.

Its hard to imagine getting even more production out of the Tight end position. Kelce is probably maxed out, Bell is a role player, he is our designated QB sneeker. It would be awesome If they added a wrinkle to the motion Bell under center to convert on a 3rd or 4th and short, maybe a short pass, maybe a pitch back to Mahomes who then throws it deep. And any form progression out of Noah Gray would be welcome, last year he was almost exclusively a special teamer. Jody Fortson gets rave reviews in practice and his progression has been impressive. He has the physical traits. I just don't know he can develop the rapport with Mahomes to take it to the next level. It would be awesome to see Fortson and Mahomes working out together catching balls and developing the level the trust necessary for Mahomes to throw Fortson a contested ball.

There are two players our hopes rest high on. Mecole Hardman and Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Hardman was drafted to duplicate Tyreek skills, but has so far yet to to fully realize that level of play. The difference between Hill and Hardman was Hill's ability to generate separation downfield. Mahomes is at his best when he improvises. Mahomes is at his best doing a scramble drill, nobody has any assigned routes any more, the only responsibility anybody has is to get open and get Mahomes attention. Kelce is great at this, Hill was great at doing this way way down the field. Hardman use has been so far been limited to plays designed to get him the ball, screens, and short passes. For the Chiefs to succeed Hardman needs to spend more time down field. He also needs the freedom to freelance, but he needs to earn that freedom. I wish he would be putting in the work with Mahomes now, doing scramble drill after scramble drill until they have a proverbial mind-meld.

CEH is the last player I am going to address. He was at his best last year on 1st down. He could consistently take a 1st down handoff 6 yards and keep us ahead of the chains. That is exactly what we needed last year. For us to be successful this year he needs to be a pass-catching threat on 3rd down as well. Coming out of college his receiving skills were highly touted, but so far in professional career his routes primarily consist of heading out in the flat and becoming a stationary target. During the Super Bowl run Damien Williams downfield routes were a difference maker. I would like to see Clyde watching tape of Damien Williams in the Texans game, when he was making all sorts of over the shoulder catches at full speed. Line CEH up as a WR in 5 WR sets motion him in back to a RB position, motion him back out again. He needs to establish himself as a pass catching threat so we can retain our success on a 3rd and long that has characterized the Mahomes era.

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