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NFL Draft 2022: Day 2 live blog, trades, updates, picks, and fan discussion

Follow along with live updates from our Arrowhead Pride Draft Team.

NFL: APR 28 2022 Draft Photo by Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to our Arrowhead Pride 2022 NFL Draft Day 2 live blog. Click here for everything you need to know about how to watch the draft. Bet on the draft at DraftKings Sportsbook.

This article will host updates regarding Kansas City Chiefs rumors, pick reactions, trade updates, hot takes and more, while also serving as an open thread for discussion in the comments. The Chiefs currently pick twice in the second round — at No. 50 and No. 62. They also are slated to pick once in the third round — at No. 103.

Stay tuned to Arrowhead Pride for the latest updates regarding Chiefs’ moves — and also make sure to listen to our Arrowhead Pride Draft Room podcast that’ll be posted shortly after Round 3 concludes.

[5:35 p.m.] The rumor is that there will be a run on receivers early on Day 2. George Pickens is by far the most talented of the available. I’m super interested to see how much his injury or bad-interview concerns could make him slide with his talent (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[5:44 p.m.] I am very high on both Arnold Ebiketie and David Ojabo as edge rushers that can be legitimate threats on passing downs, double-digit sack potential. Complementing Karlaftis with either of those guys would be a dream — even if Ojabo’s impact won’t start until 2023 (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[5:52 p.m.] There are also some intriguing defensive backs on the board. Baylor safety Jalen Pitre has drawn Honey Badger comparisons. On the flip side, if they like a cornerback on the board, could McDuffie be more of a safety? I think so (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[5:59 p.m.] I predict Tampa goes Logan Hall here, bolster the defensive line that lost Jason Pierre-Paul this offseason (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[5:59 p.m] What’s up everyone! Let’s roll! Louis Riddick thinks the Chiefs may go up for a WR, and when he speaks Chiefs, we listen… (Bryan Stewart)

[6:04 p.m] Specifically keeps mentioning Baltimore as a team they may wanna leap.. would likely be for Watson, Moore, Pierce, or Pickens (Bryan Stewart)

[6:07 p.m.] Chiefs’ interest in Marquise Brown might indicate the type of receiver they want. Calvin Austin III, Wan’Dale Robinson? Would rather the previous four names Bryan mentioned (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:10 p.m] Night 2 is upon us! Stoked to see who else becomes Chiefs tonight! (Talon Graff)

[6:12 p.m.] Who do the commenters think will be the next great 2nd round WR like AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, and Deebo Samuel were? The Chiefs need that guy. (Bryan Stewart)

[6:17 p.m.] Logan Hall is someone I wasn’t excited about as a Chiefs’ draft pick. Feels like a bad scheme fit. Tampa’s a good place for him (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:17 p.m] Logan Hall goes to Tampa, I think he would be a great 5T but I am sure playing beside Vita Vea will help out quite a bit for Hall, great landing spot. (Talon Graff)

[6:19 p.m.] Packers taking Christian Watson. First WR off the board, and he’s one with big upside. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:20 p.m] Rodgers finally getting a weapon! Watson has huge upside but No. 12 demands and expects a lot. (Talon Graff)

[6:20 p.m.] Not my favorite WR left by any means entering tonight. Chiefs still can get something better in my opinion. (Bryan Stewart)

[6:21 p.m] Another Chiefs target goes early in Round 2. Auburn CB Roger McCreary is the newest Tennessee Titan. A pair of young corners for Mike Vrabel’s defense now along with 2020 2nd rounder Kristian Fulton. (Talon Graff)

[6:24 p.m] Breece Hall first RB taken, Jets continue their hot draft. (Talon Graff)

[6:26 p.m] Houston takes Baylor Safety Jalen Pitre, Texans making some nice picks themselves so far. (Talon Graff)

[6:28 p.m.] Dang I really like Pitre. Could imagine him being such a fun piece for Spagnuolo to use in dime. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:30 p.m] Falcons trading up, could we see Malik Willis go? Kyle Pitts and Drake London need a young stud to throw them touchdowns. (Talon Graff)

[6:31 p.m] No QB for ATL, Ebiketie is off the board to the Falcons. That one stings a bit. (Talon Graff)

[6:32 p.m.] Ebiketie was the dream. I really think he could be a special edge rusher, even if he lacks in other areas of his game. It was probably never happening anyways (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:34 p.m.] He’ll probably be wasted in Atlanta. Sad. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:35 p.m] Things are heating up and guys are flying off the board. Ryan Poles takes Trent McDuffie’s teammate, CB Kyler Gordon. (Talon Graff)

[6:39 p.m.] It’s getting deeper and deeper in the 2nd round with only one wide receiver taken. Chiefs are within striking distance (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:43 p.m] Who is more worth the risk they bring, George Pickens or David Ojabo? (Talon Graff)

[6:45 p.m.] Seattle should take quarterback, sounds like they’re looking at Boye Mafe at 40 though (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:47 p.m] Man, I just do not love the fit for Mafe there. Seattle has not been developing players well on the defensive line lately. (Bryan Stewart)

[6:49 p.m.] Of course Seattle picked a RB again high when they need a quarterback. Facepalm. (Bryan Stewart)

[6:50 p.m] Seahawks might regret not going QB in the long run but Lock could get another shot. Boye Mafe and Kenneth Walker are good football players. (Talon Graff)

[6:53 p.m.] Minnesota moves up to 42. There are way too many trades in this draft. My head hurts. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:55 p.m] Lewis Cine and Andrew Booth for the Vikings, if both hit their potential, that is a scary secondary. (Talon Graff)

[6:59 p.m.] Giants are selecting Wan’Dale Robinsin, the receiver from Kentucky. Could indicate a move coming to deal Kadarius Toney (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[7:01 p.m.] Robinson is pretty electric. I could see him being a fun player in the league, Giants are not the best place for it to happen unfortunately. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[7:03 p.m] John Metchie was one of my EARLY favorites but tore his ACL, Texans might have the steal of Round 2. (Talon Graff)

[7:03 p.m.] Metchie being gone stinks. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:09 p.m] This one is a gut wrencher, David Ojabo to the Ravens, ouch. (Talon Graff)

[7:09 p.m.] Ojabo and Oweh in the future is going to be dynamic. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:11 p.m.] With Ojabo and Metchie gone, the Chiefs’ next pick should be a healthy body entering training camp. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:12 p.m.] Paschal was a favorite of Talon’s — but unlikely for Kansas City after taking Karlaftis last night. Wide receiver board looks solid still @ 50. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:16 p.m] Paschal is a stud, after Karlaftis pick he wasn’t going to be a Chief, he’s paired with Aidan Hutchinson, that’s a tough duo. (Talon Graff)

[7:18 p.m.] Washington sure does love them their Alabama defensive tackles. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:22 p.m.] Brisker is a really solid pickup. Chiefs still have great options at 50. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:29 p.m.] That feels pretty rich for Taylor, but it is a premium position that has gotten thin. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:31 p.m.] If the Chiefs didn’t want to stay put there, they aren’t terribly in love with any player left. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:39 p.m.] Great trade from the Chiefs’ perspective. Add another pick to just move backj four spots. (Bryan Stewart)

[7:52 p.m.] Skyy Moore is the newest Chiefs’ receiver. Great complementary piece to MVS and Juju. Slot and Z that has good change of direction (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[7:58 p.m] Skyy Moore seems to be a really popular pick, I have to be honest I am not that thrilled but if he can succeed it’ll be with Kansas City. (Talon Graff)

[7:58 p.m.] Skyy Moore was a really fun player to write about and I didn’t expect him to last until #54. (Jared Sapp)

[8:20 p.m.] Chiefs go with another really good defensive back in this draft. Cincinnati’s Bryan Cook will be a strong safety and a reliable box presence. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[8:25 p.m] Love this pick! Bryan Cook is a physical dude who can be a force for Spags. (Talon Graff)

[8:27 p.m.] The Chiefs secondary will be one of the best in the league by the end of the season. (Jared Sapp)

[8:35 p.m] Brian Asomoah going before Nakobe Dean is not something I would’ve predicted at all. (Talon Graff)

[8:41 p.m] One of Ron Kopp’s favorites, Martin Emerson joins the Cleveland Browns, solid corner with a bright future. (Talon Graff)

[8:46 p.m.] Head is spinning trying to get everything done, but I need to get my Bryan Cook takes off here. I really like the complementary styles that Reid and Cook have. A true free safety / strong safety duo. That’s the long-term duo, but in 2022, they have a very fun three-safety set to work with. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[8:49 p.m] Velus Jones was someone I mentioned as one who could boost his stock with a solid combine performance. He just went pick 71, that’s a huge boost from where he was slated early in the process. (Talon Graff)

[8:55 p.m.] Falcons take Desmond Ridder, my QB1. I really think he’s the guy who can come in and win right away if he has a team around him capable of it. Falcons aren’t that, but I still think Ridder could be a competent starter once they’re ready for it. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:01 p.m.] Bring me Nakobe Dean. Dean and Cook as the Niemann and Sorensen replacements would be amazing. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:02 p.m] The Houston Texans have been sneakily savvy so far. Hats off to them. (Talon Graff)

[9:03 p.m] Baltimore is going to have an absolute lights out defense in 2024. They just got Travis Jones, STEAL at pick 76. (Talon Graff)

[9:10 p.m] The Colts waiting game pays off and they add their LT with Bernard Raimann. Another Ron Kopp crush is off the board. (Talon Graff)

[9:11 p.m.] Alex Wright was a Spags Edge possibility. Huge dude with experience at the three-technique position. Browns took him (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:19 p.m] AFC West rival Denver Broncos take UCLA TE Greg Dulcich. That is a great move to replace the Noah Fant production. (Talon Graff)

[9:22 p.m.] Falcons going DeAngelo Malone, an intriguing edge prospect that played wide receiver up until his junior year of high school. He’s got the juice (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:27 p.m.] Eagles stop the slide of the best player on my board: Nakobe Dean. When he’s healthy, he’s the best pure linebacker in this class to me. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:33 p.m] Malik Willis to the Titans was not on my bingo card. The tumble is no more. (Talon Graff)

[9:41 p.m.] Skins on the wall mean everything. There’s some questioning Bill, but how over the top would the reaction be if the Raiders had made the Patriots picks? (Jared Sapp)

[9:49 p.m.] White has a lot of receiving ability at a good size. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:50 p.m] Rachaad White was on my shortlist of bucket list prospects. Local kid with big talent. He’s been slept on too long. (Talon Graff)

[9:58 p.m.] Missed Jalen Tolbert going to the Cowboys. That’s a great start to getting past Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson Jr. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[10:02 p.m] Matt Corral to Carolina. Don’t love the kid’s chances because another bad season and it’ll be a new coaching staff. (Bryan Stewart)

[10:07 p.m.] Colts taking Nick Cross, a similarly-thought of safety as Cook in terms of where he would be drafted. Different players though. I like the Chiefs choosing Cook (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:50 p.m] What are we thinking Chiefs fans? I’ve got my eyes on Winfrey and Calvin Austin, although I wonder why Winfrey has fallen this far. (Bryan Stewart)

[10:36 p.m] Chiefs go with linebacker, good value in Round 3 here with Wisconsin’s Leo Chenal. A great run stuffer who can be the third LB in base. (Talon Graff)

[10:43 p.m] This has been one of the more intriguing drafts in a while. I feel like plenty of teams are hitting on needs. Only a couple ‘out there’ hauls. (Talon Graff)

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