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NFL Draft 2022: Live blog, trades, updates, picks, and fan discussion

Follow along with live updates from our Arrowhead Pride Draft Team.

NFL: FEB 08 Super Bowl LVI - Super Bowl Experience Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to our Arrowhead Pride 2022 NFL Draft live blog. Click here for everything you need to know about how to watch the draft. Bet on the draft at DraftKings Sportsbook.

This article will host updates regarding Kansas City Chiefs rumors, pick reactions, trade updates, hot takes and more, while also serving as an open thread for discussion in the comments. The Chiefs currently pick twice in the first round — No. 29 and No. 30.

Stay tuned to Arrowhead Pride for the latest updates regarding Chiefs’ moves — and also make sure to listen to our Arrowhead Pride Draft Room podcast that’ll be posted shortly after Round 1 concludes.

[6:48 p.m.] Talks of the Chiefs wanting to trade up into the early teens have heated up, sounding like wide receiver could be the move. Jameson Williams, please. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[6:53 p.m.] I’m already in a panic. Throughout the process I was against trading up for a WR. But if that means Mahomes gets the speed and Herbert doesn’t.... I can’t fault Veach. Depends on the cost. (Kristian Gumminger)

[6:55 p.m.] I’d be happy with Olave, Wilson, or Williams, all game changers as pass catchers. (Talon Graff)

[7:08 p.m.] Remember when Travon Walker was available at 30 in mocks back in January? (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:13 p.m.] Stanford head coach David Shaw on the panel is one of my favorite draft traditions. (Talon Graff)

[7:16 p.m.] Travon Walker #1!! Hutchinson falls. Does he go #2 now? (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:18 p.m.] If Hutch doesn’t go 2, who does?. (Talon Graff)

[7:19 p.m.] Hutchinson is a Dan Campbell guy. No way he leaves Michigan. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:23 p.m.] Draft is moving. I have no idea what Texans are going to do. Sauce? Thibs? (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:25 p.m.] I fell for the late smoke on Thibodeaux to the Lions at 2. Please make fun of me because I am dumb. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[7:26 p.m.] CB1 is off the board. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:26 p.m.] Stingley is one of Ron’s draft darlings, he is now the newest Texan. (Talon Graff)

[7:27 p.m.] I loved Stingley too. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:29 p.m.] I think Jets break the trend and go OT. (Talon Graff)

[7:30 p.m.] Salah passes on Thibs? Man I don’t know. I know they want to build up Wilson, but he’s a defensive guy. Sauce here maybe? (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:33 p.m.] It is SAUCE. WOW. Giants who have a major need in the trenches now get their pick of the tackles. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:33 p.m.] Wow, if Jets land Jermaine Johnson at 10, that defense is now something Salah can work with. Good call KG. (Talon Graff)

[7:35 p.m.] I knew these cornerbacks were special. Without looking, how often do two cornerbacks go top 4? These dudes are going to be studs. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[7:37 p.m.] Ok. If we look at the earlier reports, the Chiefs were wanting to get to the teens. Giants want tackle, same as Carolina, bet on a Def player for NYG at 7. ATL and NYJ selections could be pivotal for the Chiefs if its a defensive player they are moving up for. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:37 p.m.] Giants going to go trenches with each pick you think? (Talon Graff)

[7:38 p.m.] I think they wanted a top corner with one of their picks. Maybe d-line. They couldn’t possibly invest MORE into their receiver room. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:38 p.m.] Defense, defense, defense, teams trying to combat all these young stud QBs.(Talon Graff)

[7:40 p.m.] WOW THIBS!!! Makes all the sense in the world. Thibs in New York is going to be something. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:41 p.m.] 5 straight defensive players. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:42 p.m.] Will the Panthers go offensive tackle or are they going to go after their quarterback? I think this is Evan Neal or Charles Cross. (Talon Graff)

[7:44 p.m.] They have to trade out. They have no picks. But who wants to go up? (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:48 p.m.] Pick is in. Panthers had their choice of tackles and quarterbacks and chose Ekwonu. See you day 3 Matt Rhule. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:48 p.m.] Of course it was the offensive tackle I didn’t mention ha! Ickey will have a great career, these tackles still on the board will be steals for someone. (Talon Graff)

[7:52 p.m.] Looking big picture while we wait. Giants are surely going tackle. Falcons will have their choice of receivers. Seahawks need the remaining tackle. Jets trade option for the Chiefs? (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:52 p.m.] What if Giants don’t go OT, Wilson could go here or maybe Kyle Hamilton. (Talon Graff)

[7:54 p.m.] A little surprised there have been no trades yet. (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:56 p.m.] Looking at the board, I think we see our first WR, OT Cross, Jordan Davis? Jermaine Johnson? Kyle Hamilton? Is that the next 5? (Kristian Gumminger)

[7:56 p.m.] Giants do the right thing and bolster their offensive line, OT Evan Neal and DE Kayvon Thibodeaux, arguably the top prospects at each position. (Talon Graff)

[7:57 p.m.] Giants picked the two best players in the draft. At picks 5 and 7. What a haul. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[7:58 p.m.] Crazy thing is, Atlanta could realistically go defense too, but I think this has to be Garrett Wilson, right? If they go defense maybe Jermaine Johnson or Kyle Hamilton (Talon Graff)

[8:00 p.m.] Falcons are building up their offense for a QB of the future. Drake London and Kyle Pitts is a handful! What do the Seahawks do now? (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:00 p.m.] Woah! Falcons take Drake London from USC, first WR is now gone! (Talon Graff)

[8:02 p.m.] I think its Cross... (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:03 p.m.] Seattle should sprint to draft Charles Cross. (Talon Graff)

[8:05 p.m.] Seahawks were tied to Penning throughout the process because everyone thought Cross would be gone. (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:08 p.m.] Cross is gone. Johnson is still on the board at 10. This is going ok for the Chiefs right now. No surprises that should have thrown off their board. (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:08 p.m.] Sometimes just sitting and letting the board come to you pays off huge, that just happened for Seattle. Good news for Chiefs fans is none of the top speedy receivers are going in the top ten. (Talon Graff)

[8:08 p.m.] Best news here - Seahawks not picking a QB means they may want to come back in the back end of the first round. (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:12 p.m.] Remember when I said there wouldn’t be a speedy WR in top ten, welp... (Talon Graff)

[8:14 p.m.] Ok... this board is falling NICELY for Veach if he’s looking to trade up (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:17 p.m.] TRADE !!! (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:18 p.m.] Saints trading up for a WR I bet, could this be Olave or Williams? (Talon Graff)

[8:18 p.m.] QB? They moved to get ahead of the Texans for a reason... (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:22 p.m.] Saints moved up for OLAVE! Wonder what this does for teams like the Packers who were looking at him with Rodgers. (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:17 p.m.] Lions just moved up and traded with the Vikings at 12. It has to be for a quarterback. It has to be for Malik Willis. Only guy with traits worth trading up for in this class. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[8:24 p.m.] INTER-DIVISION TRADE!! And they paid a price for it. (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:25 p.m.] Lions taking their QBOTF? Or will they get a slipping Kyle Hamilton? This draft has been thrilling so far. (Talon Graff)

[8:27 p.m.] WOW Lions make a SPLASH (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:29 p.m.] Trades are coming in fast and furious now. LETS GET WILD. (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:31 p.m.] Eagles probably trading up for Jermaine Johnson. No receiver worth trading up or if Lions get Jameson Williams. AND THE LIONS TOOK OUR GUY. NOOOOO (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[8:31 p.m.] Could it be Jordan Davis? (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:31 p.m.] Kyle Hamilton keeps on tumbling, Eagles probably taking Johnson. (Talon Graff)

[8:32 p.m.] IT IS JORDAN DAVIS!! At this point does Veach call for Jermaine Johnson? (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:34 p.m.] These NFC teams getting spicy, Lions taking Jameson Williams and Eagles taking Jordan Davis, each via trade-ups. Will Ravens take a CB or will Jermaine Johnson / Kyle Hamilton finally find a home with a tradition-rich defense? (Talon Graff)

[8:38 p.m.] Jermaine Johnson is the last prospect worth making a major trade up for. I want them to do it. He’s a Day 1 starter with a high floor. GO GET HIM (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[8:40 p.m.] Totally agree. Johnson gives the Chiefs a great option opposite Clark. All depends on the price at this point. Does this continue to help push Karlaftis down to 29?(Kristian Gumminger)

[8:40 p.m.] Kyle Hamilton is a Baltimore Raven, they get the best safety in the class at pick 14, great value. Jermaine Johnson at still available at 15, is Brett Veach on the phone? (Talon Graff)

[8:43 p.m.] Eagles knew they had to get ahead of the Ravens for Jordan Davis. Gave up quite a bit to move two spots. Texans knew they had the leverage and took advantage. (Ron Kopp Jr.)Can’t wait

[8:46 p.m.] Texans taking Kenyon Green, it’s like the rest of the league is double daring Veach to trade up for Johnson. (Talon Graff)

[8:50 p.m.] I love the draft hahahaha (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:50 p.m.] Penn State WR Jahan Dotson is going to Washington, one of my favorite prospects who could’ve realistically been around late first, is now gone. (Talon Graff)

[8:52 p.m.] Washington is setting Carson Wentz up with weapons. Jahan Dotson is going to be a really reliable receiver and a great complementary piece to Terry McLaurin (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[8:54 p.m.] Its time for the Chiefs to trade up. Veach... pick up the phone. This is setting up perfectly for the Chiefs right now. (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:56 p.m.] Chargers improve the offensive line with Zion Johnson from Boston College, division rival makes sure to protect Justin Herbert. (Talon Graff)

[8:56 p.m.] WOAH ANOTHER PLAYER TRADE!!! AJ BROWN TO THE EAGLES! (Kristian Gumminger)

[8:59 p.m.] Titans made that trade, knowing they can take Treylon Burks at 18 (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:00 p.m.] Veach called out 19 being a spot that could be a spot they moved up for.... (Kristian Gumminger)

[9.03 p.m.] The first breath this draft has taken in a while, Jermaine Johnson IS STILL THERE and the price tag keeps getting less and less, when, or will, Veach make the move? (Talon Graff)

[9:04 p.m.] AJ Brown already with the extension!! (Kristian Gumminger)

[9:06 p.m.] I did not expect 2 guards off the board before the first quarterback. (Kristian Gumminger)

[9.07 p.m.] Titans find their AJ Brown replacement right away, will Pittsburgh finally take the first signal caller? Malik Willis would be my top choice. (Talon Graff)

[9:11 p.m.] The Chiefs just letting the board come to them, but at some point they need to go get their guy. The smart teams are coming up. (Kristian Gumminger)

[9:13 p.m.] Trevor Penning is the Saints’ newest offensive tackle. He’s a high-ceiling prospect, Saints taking that swing makes a lot of sense. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:13 p.m.] Penning is one of the more boom or bust picks, he could be a Pro Bowl regular or be in a backup role within a couple of years. (Talon Graff)

[9:14 p.m.] Really weird to see the Saints gamble next year’s draft capital for a project like Penning. (Kristian Gumminger)

[9:16 p.m.] Steelers taking Kenny Pickett surprises me. Figured Malik Willis was the only quarterback with the traits worth picking this high. (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[9:17 p.m.] The Steelers go with the hometown kid, Kenny Pickett is staying in Pittsburgh. (Talon Graff)

[9:18 p.m.] Really wanting the Patriots to do their annual trade back with the Chiefs right now... (Kristian Gumminger)

[9:26 p.m.] Wow. A first round corner. Feisty aggressive corner. My question is why did the Chiefs feel as though they needed to trade up for him when Edge is still there. (Kristian Gumminger)

[9:27 p.m.] The trade comp for a smaller corner is also interesting. 29 + 94 + 121 for Trent McDuffie. (Kristian Gumminger)

[9:45 p.m.] Did not see McDuffie being the pick, but I don’t have a loof complaints. Corner is a need and McDuffie is one of the best to come out of college football this class. He is arguable a top 15 talent. (Talon Graff)

[9:49 p.m.] Will the Chiefs trade back out of pick 30 to try and regain those picks lost in the trade-up for McDuffie? (Talon Graff)

[9:55 p.m.] The apple of so many Chiefs fans’ eyes, Jermaine Johnson goes to the Jets after trading up. The Jets first round haul (so far) is CB Sauce Gardner, WR Garrett Wilson, and DE Jermaine Johnson. Not too shabby. (Talon Graff)

[10:00p.m.] OK I’M BACK. Now what are we looking at on the board? (Kristian Gumminger)

[10:05 p.m.] 3 picks away from the Chiefs now. 1 of Karlaftis, Hill, Pickens, Watson, Ebiketie, and Cine will be on the board. (Kristian Gumminger)

[10:07 p.m.] Devin Lloyd goes to Jacksonville, the Jags reinforcing the defense in Round 1. (Talon Graff)

[10:08 p.m.] The Packers take Georgia DT Devonte Wyatt who slipped way down boards following character concerns. Chiefs are nearly on the clock. (Talon Graff)

[10:08p.m.] Devonte Wyatt to the Packers. I’m happy about that if I’m the Chiefs. (Kristian Gumminger)

[10:11 p.m.] The Chiefs are going to have a little bit of a selection when it comes to edge rushers: George Karlaftis, David Ojabo, Boye Mafe, and Arnold Ebiketie (Ron Kopp Jr.)

[10:14 p.m.] OH MY GOD!!! Patriots did the Chiefs a FAVOR. Cole Strange to the Pats and the CHIEFS ARE ON THE CLOCK (Kristian Gumminger)

[10:13 p.m.] That was a strange pick... (Talon Graff)

[10:17 p.m.] George Karlaftis is another safe pick, much like McDuffie. Nothing flashy but he will come in Day 1 ready to work and grind. Solid night for Veach, but there will be plenty of critics and possible pitchforks. (Talon Graff)

[10:18 p.m.] Chiefs were able to stay put and get Karlaftis!! Thats a great round 1. (Kristian Gumminger)

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