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Brett Veach, Andy Reid again express love for Tyrann Mathieu

But there’s still no assurance that the All-Pro safety will get a 2022 contract with Kansas City.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Both Kansas City Chiefs head coach and general manager Brett each met with reporters on the opening day of the NFL Scouting Combine on Tuesday. Both were asked about the team’s All-Pro free-agent safety Tyrann Mathieu, who is coming off a three-year, $42 million contract.

Veach said that while speaking to agents for all the team’s players is one of his primary tasks during Combine Week, Mathieu’s representatives will surely occupy a chunk of his time in Indianapolis.

“If their agents are here, we always make it a point to grab a dinner — or just catch them in between workouts or what-have-you,” explained Veach. “That goes with all the players on our roster — from one down to 53. It’s always good to keep those communications — and the dialog — open. So we’ll certainly do that with Tyrann and his people.”

Veach said that while there has previously been communication between the team and Mathieu’s camp, it will now begin in earnest.

“This is actually the start of that process now,” he said. “Once the season ends, the coaches do their deal. We sit back and collect all the information [and] we get with the coaches after they go through their scheme evaluations. We know that once Indy rolls around, on one hand, we’ll have a chance to see all the great college prospects — but on the other hand, we’ll have an opportunity to talk with our players’ agents and exchange information. So we’ll start that process this week — and hopefully, everything ends in a positive direction.”

But both Veach and Reid took the opportunity to reiterate a point that both the team and Mathieu himself have been making for the past year.

“After the Cincinnati game, we had a chance to talk,” said Veach. “We communicated that we certainly love Tyrann — and Tyrann loves being here.”

“We love Tyrann, so it’s a matter of how that all fits in,” maintained Reid. “Again... Brett [Veach] has to juggle all that. We’ll see where it goes as we go in the future here. But we all love [Mathieu]. I think that’s important.”

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