Artificial Turf

I recently watched a clip from the Kelce brothers show, New Heights. They were discussing artificial turf. Travis Kelce said that he looks at the schedule when it is released and circles all the games he will have to play on turf. This allows him to mentally prepare for those games throughout the season.

The injury concerns associated with playing on turf are discussed anytime there is an injury to a star player in the league. Even the NFLPA is advocating for replacing stadium playing fields and practice fields with natural grass.

NFLPA - Only Natural Grass Can Level The NFL's Playing Field

After playing Cincinnati last week, the only remaining regular season game on artificial turf is at NRG Stadium against the Texans in a couple weeks. If the Chiefs wrap up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, they'd never have to play on artificial turf for the rest of the season.

There are two AFC contenders that have artificial turf and the Chiefs have lost to both of them...Buffalo and Cincinnati. Both of these teams hold tie breakers against KC. Maybe coincidence but both of KC's road losses came in stadiums with artificial playing surfaces (IND, CIN).

No matter which path the Chiefs take to get to the Super Bowl, we will be excited for the team. Let's just hope that the path isn't paved with synthetic fibers.

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