Can’t win if…

Your bloody defense doesn’t force punts or turnovers. We lost to the Cincinnati Bengals because of our defenses inability to force a punt. They had one in the whole game. The rest Burrow was allowed to waltz down the field and score or kick field goals. The offense can’t score 30+ points and 400+ yards of offense every week. The defense has got to do more!!

now before you all get pissy at me for this statement. Yes, I understand we have several rookies playing. Yes I understand that the overall defense is better than what it has been in the past. I’m excited about that and excited to see them become even better. I commend them for limiting Burrow and Chase, and the big explosive plays. That being said, I see the same mistakes we have been seeing for several years now and I have to wonder when are they going to get out of the old mindset from Bob Sutton of "bend don’t break" to a more punch them in the face and make them dread going your way? Still seeing a lot of arm tackles that obviously don’t do jack. Allowing them to run 7-8 yards on most runs. It isn’t doing you or your offense any favors. Had they forced one or two more stops the chiefs would have had a better chance of winning and have cushion to do so even with the Travis Kelce fumble.

and Marquez Valzes-Scantling….how long do we have to deal with him? Dude is wide open in the endzone and can’t catch a freaking ball for a touchdown?! Are you kidding me?! Come on guy it doesn’t get much better than that.

I am happy with how the defense is improving but they still have work to do especially in the playoffs if we hope to get back to the Super Bowl and win it!

let’s hope the dolphins can win one against the bills and put us back in the 1 seed.

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