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Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes confirm foot is ‘fine’ after QB limped off the field vs. Bengals

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 27-24 in Week 13 on Sunday.

One of the game’s crucial moments came in the fourth quarter, as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes faced a third-and-3 at the Cincinnati 37-yard line. On the play, a Bengals defensive end sacked Mahomes — and he came up limping.

“Pat hurt his foot there at the end,” said head coach Andy Reid in his post-game press conference. “But it looks like he’s going to be OK.”

The quarterback confirmed as much when it was his turn at the podium.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” said Mahomes.

Asked by a reporter if a potential injury to Mahomes’ foot impacted his decision to take the offense off the field, Reid was direct.

“No. I thought we had a chance to make the field goal,” said Reid, before reiterating his quarterback’s status. “He’s OK. He’s all right.”

Reid had no other injury statuses to report. The head coach will again speak to the media early on Monday afternoon.

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