Andy / Eric need to go

I don't know how many times Andy / Eric have lost these big battles, for coaches that are supposed to be wise beyond their years, they are horrible. I dont understand how you can lose to same team 3 times know exactly what they are going to do. better yet how can you not even run the ball on short yardage. I predicted at 12mins left with Chiefs up 4, that Chiefs would abandon the run and lose the game, and low and behold they manage to fuck it up again.

I have already called it that Chiefs will never win a another Super bowl under Andy/Eric with no run game, and they will never with another AFC division title.

You either need to trade Mahomes for 4 first and build an oline/dline and get back to run first, or fire Reid/Eric and build the run game.

whats the point of spending all this money just to end up like the rest of the league watching the Super Bowl. I cant wait for the day Andy/Eric are gone.

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