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9 things overheard during the Chiefs’ win over the Seahawks

If you listened carefully on Saturday, maybe you heard some of these things.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

During Week 16’s Christmas Eve matchup, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Seattle Seahawks 24-10 to go 12-3 on the season. Here are some of the things Tom Ruprecht overheard during the victory.

1. “Chiefsaholic is wondering if he can borrow JuJu’s Grinch costume for his next wave of bank robberies.”

2. “-4 degrees? Are we positive we want home-field advantage in January?”

3. “We have a salary cap problem. Turns out Patrick gets time and a half for playing Christmas Eve.”

4. “Seahawks field goal. And now for the 12th time this season, KC Wolf has entered concussion protocol after banging his head on the goal post.”

5. “You don’t need to get Justin Watson any dropped passes for Christmas. He has plenty.”

6. “It was nice of Andy to give the offense the third quarter off, so they could do some last-minute Christmas shopping.”

7. “All Isiah Pacheco wants for Christmas is a chance to run against the Detroit Lions’ defense.”

8. “Once again we got nothing from MVS, but everything from the MVP.”

9. “Oh no! Andy’s Secret Santa got him a red Speedo. Avert…Your…Eyes!!!!!!”

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