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Week 16 AP NFL Power Rankings: Bills remain AFC’s top team

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

What a weekend of sport!

First, we had the greatest comeback in NFL history. Then we had a referee warn a crowd about throwing snowballs. Then we had the all-time worst World Cup final turn into the best final of anything ever. And then we had Patrick Mahomes going all Mahomes on us. And then we had the best ending — and most hilarious ending — to any NFL game we have ever seen.

And then, of course, we had the last 24 hours on Chiefs Twitter... oh boy!

Christmas really has come early.

This week’s voters were Stephen Serda, Rocky Magaña, Jared Sapp, Zach Gunter, Price Carter and Nate Christensen.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (1st)

If Jalen Hurts is out this week and the Eagles’ offense falls apart... Hurts’ MVP stock will go through the roof.

2. Buffalo Bills (3rd)

The Bills fans went full-on Buddy the Elf with their snowball antics. In my opinion, they should have carried on even after the warning.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (2nd)

Joe Burrow took one of the worst sacks ever, but was then bailed out by a flag. Very Tom Brady-like.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (4th)

No more PATs. No more field goals. No more armed robberies. Basically — as Fergie said — ‘No more drama — we don’t want no drama.’

5. San Francisco 49ers (5th)

Yes, the Chiefs would be unstoppable if Steve Spagnuolo had the 49ers’ personnel in Kansas City.

6. Dallas Cowboys (6th)

First, they made hard work of the Texans. Now they’ve been beaten by the Jaguars? All falling apart?

7. Miami Dolphins (7th)

They should have beaten the Bills. They bottled it.

8. Minnesota Vikings (8th)

I cannot believe that the record books will show that Kirk Cousins orchestrated the greatest comeback in NFL history.

9. Los Angeles Chargers (11th)

Seem to be playoff bound now.

10. Baltimore Ravens (9th)

They need Lamar back. ASAP.

11. Detroit Lions (13th)

Dan Campbell is working miracles. I just hopE they can finish the job.

12. Tennessee Titans (10th)

Only one game ahead of the Jaguars. Squeaky bum-time.

13. New York Jets (12th)

They need Mike White back. Now there is a sentence I never thought I would type.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars (20th) — This week’s highest riser

Trevor Lawrence is a Bad Man.

15. Seattle Seahawks (15th)

Season falling apart just before they play the Chiefs. No doubt that they’ll run Kansas City close this weekend.

16. New York Giants (16th)

All NFC East teams are currently playoff bound. That is mental.

17. Washington Commanders (14th)

The referees screwed the Commanders. So it’s not just the Chiefs, OK?

18. Green Bay Packers (19th)

Relevant for fantasy purposes only.

19. Las Vegas Raiders (21st)

Even as a Chiefs fan, I enjoyed the ending of their game.

20. New England Patriots (17th) — This week’s greatest faller

A Bill Belichick team making mistakes like that is a signal that their era of relevance is well and truly over.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18th)

If only they weren’t in that division.

22. Cleveland Browns (23rd)

Their offense has gotten worse since Deshaun Watson came back.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers (22nd)

They are now one of those teams that I don’t even notice.

24. Carolina Panthers (24th)

Completing 14 passes for 225 yards and one touchdown should not equal a QBR of 119.4.

25. Atlanta Falcons (25th)

I had to Google their result just now.

26. New Orleans Saints (27th)

See Atlanta.

27. Chicago Bears (28th)

Justin Fields is Michael Vick 3.0. Lamar Jackson was 2.0, by the way.

28. Arizona Cardinals (26th)

They made the Broncos look good.

29. Denver Broncos (31st)

Brett Rypien Time.

30. Indianapolis Colts (30th)

How does it feel, Indy?

31. Houston Texans (32nd)

The Texans did not read the script.

32. Los Angeles Rams (29th)

It’s official: the worst-ever Super Bowl defense. Congrats!

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