He's a bath bomb guy!

My lovely wife's family does a white elephant kind of Christmas with a 25$ limit. This year she's been scouring the infinite corners of the internet in search of free promotions and contests to enter without shipping fees in order to package even more things to give in her gift. I tell her she should offer them all of the forever spam she's going to get along the way...

This quest led her to find a free promotional cd from State Farm - Jazz Bath, The Bath Bomb Sessions featuring some, well, watered down cheesy smooth jazz from the guy in the commercial that Patrick flags off. This track which is up on the youtubes samples Patrick reporting that he is, in fact, a bath bomb guy. The Bath Bomb Sessions

The promotion won't last forever, so get out there today Kingdom, scour the interwebs to get your esoteric cheesy jazz with Patrick in it! Supplies are limited and you'll want it to get there before the holiday for that special Chiefs fan with a sense of humor. It's pretty ridiculous, and this is one free item we are going to keep.

In the mean time, let's hope Patrick throws some more bombs, and the Bengals take a bath!

Happy Holidays!

Jazz Bath

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