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From the Editor’s Show: The Chiefs offense proves it can compete with anyone

On the latest edition of the AP Editors’ Show, Pete and John discuss their marinated takeaways–after the Chiefs' Sunday night overtime win.

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On the latest episode of the Arrowhead Pride Editors’ Show podcast, Pete Sweeney and John Dixon discussed their marinated takeaways from the Kansas City Chiefs Week 9 win over the Tennessee Titans.

(Listen to the podcast above or by clicking here. It is also available on Spotify.)

The Chiefs offense

John: “The Chiefs were 8-19 for 42% on third down this week against the Titans. They were also 2-for-2 for 100% on fourth-down attempts. We’ve now established that it doesn’t matter if the Chiefs are playing a really good defense — they are going to be able to gain yards and put points on the board. They didn’t put up a ton of points on Sunday, but the team is good enough on offense that they can compete against just about any type of defense.”

The offense has to help Mahomes more

Pete: “Patrick Mahomes being the whole offense is fun — but I don’t think it’s sustainable if you want to win a championship. I think back to the Bucs’ Super Bowl loss, and this isn’t a perfect one-for-one example, but at some point, he’s going to need a little bit of help... Patrick Mahomes is amazing but sooner or later he’s going to need these other weapons to take some pressure off of him. I think the Chiefs need to figure a few things out before the playoffs to make this a more complete offense... It’s amazing to see Patrick Mahomes take these games over, but I wonder if you can win a championship like that against playoff teams later in the year.”

Predicting the NFL

John: “So we were pretty off on the predictions when it comes to this game. A lot of the staff believed the Chiefs would dominate this contest — and it didn’t really go that way, but we did get a lot of stuff right. We nailed the quality of the defensive line, slowing down Derrick Henry and the difference between Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis. The Titans totally abandoned passing the ball in this game with Willis taking snaps... A lot of what we said was right we just thought there would be more scoring and there wasn’t. This game was a good reminder that any team can beat anyone in the NFL on any given week.”

The kicking game

Pete: “There’s suddenly some concern with this kicking game and Harrison Butker. I’m not as concerned as everyone else is right now, but I do think Harrison Butker is in a little bit of a rut. I’m probably at a four out of 10 on the panic scale right now for the Chiefs kicking game... I think the injury has really hurt him getting going this season, but it’s possible we are on the cusp of this becoming an issue... I think Butker deserves the benefit of the doubt at least for a few more weeks. I’m not ready to make it a big deal, but they do need to find a way to correct this quickly.”

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