The 7 Players Better than Mahomes...

...per the NFL players' top 100 for 2022. Let's check in on those seven players, and see how the season is going.

  • #1 Tom Brady is 14th in passer rating, and 17th in QBR. He is 8th in YPG, but just not great this year.
  • #2 Aaron Donald is tied for 33rd overall in sacks, 12th overall in tackles for loss, and 7th in total tackles among all defensive tackles. He's fine... but not playing to his standard.
  • #3 Aaron Rogers is 9th in passer rating and 28th in QBR. Ouch.
  • #4 Cooper Kupp is having another great year. He's 2nd in both targets and receptions, 5th in yards, and tied for 4th in TDs. Not the best wide receiver this year - but he's still in the top 3.
  • #5 Jonathon Taylor. 17th in rushing yards, 34th in yards per carry. Not ideal.
  • #6 TJ Watt - played most of one game before injury - 6 tackles, 1 sack.
  • #7 Davante Adams - Tied for 4th in TD receptions, 9th in targets, 21st in total receptions, 16th in yards. It was all easier back at Fresno State.
Have we found today's version of the Madden curse? Seriously, all these guys are great players. But the MVP candidates right now are Mahomes, Allen, and Hurts. Tua should get some votes too. But no matter which one of them wins it, if Mahomes keeps this up he'll be ranked a lot higher next summer.

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