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From the Great British Chiefs Show: Identifying the Chiefs' struggles against Tennessee

On their latest podcast, Brad and Tom discuss how the Chiefs struggling run defense can slow down Derrick Henry.

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On the latest episode of the Great British Chiefs Show, Brad Symcox and Tom Childs discuss Andy Reid’s struggles against the Tennessee Titans.

(Listen to the podcast above or by clicking here. It is also available on Spotify.)

Identifying the Chiefs' struggles against the Titans

Tom: “The Titans' identity is something the Chiefs have struggled with for some reason. Andy Reid is 1-5 against the Titans during his time here in Kansas City. It’s by far and away his regular season boogey team... The Titans have a method that they stick to — and it’s proven successful against the Chiefs. Of course, not all the time, like in the AFC Championship game... The Chiefs managed to adjust in that game–but earlier that year when they couldn’t shut Derrick Henry down we saw what happened to the Chiefs... Now the Chiefs have been better against the run this year — but that might have more to do with circumstance. I think we’ll find out on Sunday how good the Chiefs' defense is against the run.”

Brad: “I like the fact that the Titans are unapologetic about who they are as a team. They are a run-heavy team — and it’s going to go through one guy. They do not care if you know it either... Derrick Henry’s last game was 32 carries for 219 yards, before that 30 carries for 128 yards, and before that, it was 28 carries for 102 yards. I’ve never seen a single running back get such a huge workload... Derrick Henry is almost like the complete running back and everyone knows he’s their main focus. Somehow still the Titans are 5-2 — with everyone being aware all they want to do is run Derrick Henry all over you.”

Tom: “I think Derrick Henry is 100% a Hall of Famer. It’s rare for me to say that about running backs — but what he means for a single team on offense is ridiculous. They are such a unique team in the way they are fully committed to the run. Ryan Tannehill when healthy is also one of the best play-action passers in the game — and it’s all because of Derrick Henry. The way defenses have to engage that running back affects the way they can pass the ball with the play-action... The biggest difference between this year and last year is this offense no longer has A.J. Brown... The Titans are missing that other superstar this year, so the Chiefs should be able to key in on Derrick Henry. Now, will they be able to stop him? We’ll find out on Sunday night.”

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