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Week 13 AP NFL Power Rankings: The AFC looks stacked again

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll not lie: the NFL has taken a back seat in my life.

That’s because the FIFA World Cup is riding up front. The excitement of the world’s most significant international sports tournament has got me soccer football mad. Don’t get me wrong: I still watched all of the NFL action from Week 12 — but right now, I am overwhelmed with a sports adrenaline rush like I’ve never had before.

It’s a good thing that the England-USA game was as boring as it was. It was the comedown I so desperately needed.

This week's voters were Ron Kopp Jr., Stephen Serda, Rocky Magana, Jared Sapp, Stan Nelson, Stan Nelson, Zach Gunter, Price Carter, Nate Christensen, Maurcice Elston, Dakota Watson and myself.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1st)

This game felt like the Chiefs were an adult with their hand on the forehead of a child trying to reach their elder.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (2nd)

A week after Patrick Mahomes should have locked up the MVP award for 2022, Jalen Hurts had to go out and create another narrative.

3. Buffalo Bills (3rd)

They must have been fearing the worst when Von Miller went down.

4. Miami Dolphins (4th)

Anyone who bet on the over of the Dolphins’ total points line (30.5) must feel sick right now.

5. Dallas Cowboys (5th)

Until Thursday, I didn’t realise how many Jonas Brothers songs I knew.

6. San Francisco 49ers (6th)

If only their offense could live up to their defense.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (8th)

I really hope we beat them on Sunday afternoon.

8. Minnesota Vikings (9th)

Look at Kirk Cousins showing up on primetime.

9. Tennessee Titans (10th)

You don’t expect Mike Vrabel-led teams to make the mistakes they did against the Bengals.

10. Baltimore Ravens (7th) This week’s biggest faller

So Justin Tucker is human.

11. New York Jets (16th) Tied for this week’s highest riser


12. Seattle Seahawks (11th)

At least they’re fun.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (15th)

Of course they were going for two points!

14. New England Patriots (13th)

Pittsburgh Steelers fans loved the call on Hunter Henry.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12th)

Their focus should be on getting healthy before January.

16. New York Giants (14th)

Brian Daboll is an angry man.

17. Washington Commanders (18th)

The Sean Taylor “statue” just about sums up that franchise.

18. Green Bay Packers (17th)

Jordan Love time in Green Bay.

19. Arizona Cardinals (19th)

Who is the problem in Arizona?

20. Cleveland Browns (22nd)

I was secretly hoping they would have fumbled the ball at the end of overtime. What can I say? I enjoy chaos!

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (21st)

Kenny Pickett is starting to get it.

22. Las Vegas Raiders (26th)

I was just surprised Derek Carr didn’t cry when he took that monster hit.

23. Atlanta Falcons (20th)

Couldn’t get anything going in the nation's capital.

24. Detroit Lions (25th)

They left Josh Allen too much time.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (27th)

If you haven’t seen the picture of the Jags’ mascot from Sunday, then you need to. Some might consider it NSFW.

26. Los Angeles Rams (23rd)

How about stopping beating each other up?

27. New Orleans Saints (24th)

Andy Dalton is PFF’s fifth top-rated passer this season...

28. Indianapolis Colts (28th)

Pack it all up and try again next season.

29. Chicago Bears (29th)

Quarterback chaos before the game. Quarterback chaos during the game.

30. Carolina Panthers (31st)

So is Sam Darnold the answer again?

31. Denver Broncos (30th)

They have a Dangeruss problem on their hands.

32. Houston Texans (32nd)

Dolphins fans be like, “Not gunna lie, you had me for a second there.”

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