Some Chiefs fans make me SMH...

There are some of you out there that just can't seem to be happy and appreciate watching your team win. Then there are some that understand even the greatest teams will lose a game here or there and it isn't a big deal and the rest are somewhere in between.

This is being written for the first group.

1. Due to the salary cap there will never be a team with a roster of all pros. You are going to have positions on the team that aren't going to be the best compared to other teams. As long as the Chiefs keep winning they will be picking near the end of each round in the draft thus they will not have access to the best players being drafted each year. It's not a bad thing so you might as well get use to it. Trust me it's better than the alterative of seeing high draft picks and mediocre to bad seasons. Just go look at some of those Chiefs teams in the 70's.

2. Because a player happens to have on off or bad game doesn't mean they should be cut or benched immediately. Players can and typically do improve as a season goes on. This is especially true for the Chiefs and shows up even more so on the defensive side of the ball. Spags isn't a bad coach and doesn't need replaced. If the defense didn't improve as the season went on I might agree with this bad take.

3. The referees do not have a vendetta against the Chiefs outside of maybe Carl Cheffers. I have seen some stats that show certain NFL crews do make calls that appear to keep games closer but haven't seen many blatant calls that have changed outcome of games. Overall officiating across the league has gone downhill since instant replay was introduced and seems to be getting worse every year and it isn't just against the Chiefs. Every fanbase has been complaining about it this year and seem to think the ref's are against them.

4. The Chiefs run defense is above average this year and the pass defense looks worse due to Chiefs being able to put up points and teams having to pass more in an attempt to keep up. With all the rookies and new players the defense has actually played above what most expected prior to the season and are still improving.

5. Frank Clark isn't horrible and I doubt the Chiefs win 1 SB and go back to the SB if he wasn't on the team. I will agree he hasn't lived up to his salary but is playing better this season than he has in a couple years. CEH isn't a bad RB but he isn't a 1st round talent either but still better than picking up a washed up fumbling machine let go by a 2-8 team in Melvin Gordon. Why do people insist on picking up washed up players just because they had a few good seasons 2-3 years ago? With that said GO Pacheco.

6. This one is for almost every fan out there including myself. Stop calling for a player to be benched in favor of another one or dropped and someone new picked up. None of us are smarter and know more than the coaching staff, GM and those that are out scouting players everyday during the college season. Yeah we might have a draft crush get drafted by another team and looks great but overall none of us spend the hours that the guys getting payed to do this for a living put in. They see and know more than we ever will.

With all that said we as Chiefs fans are among if not the best fanbase in the NFL so stay strong and keep cheering for your team. Never give up hope as Patrick Mahomes and his 4th quarter comebacks have proven to me at least that as long as he is on the field and has the time the Chiefs will come out victorious more times than not. Man that has been a hard one for me to to learn after so many years of futility and almost got there's by Chiefs teams in the past.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and if your traveling be safe. GO CHIEFS!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.