Roster Intricacies

I saw that Frank Clark's suspension was lifted today by the Commissioner, as was Jerrion Ealy's. I'm guessing Ealy goes to the PS - Wayne Gallman might go.

Once Frank's exemption expires (I think it has to be this week?) then they need to move somebody else off the 53. If they need to add back Niang this week, then that's two spots they'd need to clear. Assuming no one gets injured in practice this week, who are the candidates? I guess they could IR Wylie, especially if the elbow will cost him a couple of weeks anyway. But that's more for Niang to get added back in front of the Chargers game, which would be useful if Wylie can't go.

To get Frank Clark back on the roster, I would think the Chiefs will want to cut someone that won't be claimed by anybody else. The guess here... Chris Lammons, coming off concussion, and facing the suspension hammer at some point for his role in the Kamara Vegas altercation. He's not a starting-level corner in this league, but he's a good special teams guy. Chiefs might feel that he'd clear waivers with the potential for suspension looming and still in the concussion protocol.

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