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From the Editor’s Show: Isiah Pacheco should be the featured running back

On the latest edition of AP Editors’ Show, Pete and John bring their marinated takeaways from Sunday’s win.

Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

On the latest episode of the Arrowhead Pride Editors’ Show podcast, Pete Sweeney and John Dixon discussed their marinated takeaways from the Kansas City Chiefs’ Week 4 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

(Listen to the podcast above or by clicking here. It is also available on Spotify.)

Isiah Pacheco should be the early-down back

Pete: “Clyde Edwards-Helaire is having an excellent year and he’s doing everything you ask of him... I think Isiah Pacheco might be the best early-down back on the team — and I think he might need to touch the ball first... It’s hard to say that and have it not sound like I’m trying to take a side on Pacheco versus CEH... I think Clyde is having a fantastic year and deserves to touch the ball. I just think Isiah Pacheco is the best north and south, hard running back on the team... I’m not choosing Pacheco over CEH. I just think the roles could shift here.”

This was a big win

John: “Tampa Bay is a really good football team. I don’t care that their record was 2-1; the Chiefs' record was 2-1, too. We need to factor that into how many points the defense gave up; there’s some thought that the defense gave up too many points in this game. Well, yeah, they gave them up to Tom Brady! It’s important as we evaluate what took place in this game that we acknowledge that Tampa Bay is a good football team... The Chiefs beat them in a game where the score didn’t really recognize how dominant they were.”

The defensive consistency

Pete: “ As good as the offense played on Sunday, it’s the Chiefs defense that’s making me feel like they are a legit Super Bowl contender again — for the fifth year in a row. The defense is the most consistent unit on the team... They gave up 31 points — but this is Tom Brady, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin... L’Jarius Sneed baited Tom Brady into thinking he was invisible... I think about the pressure they are getting on these quarterbacks — and George Karlaftis and Chris Jones continuing to dominate — and they are still missing guys on this defense... Mike Danna will be back, Trent McDuffie will be back, and in three games you get Willie Gay back... When was the last time you felt like the Chiefs defense had a chance to be a top 5 unit in the league?”

The return of Trent McDuffie

John: “What will this defense look like when Trent McDuffie returns? They are missing other players — and are still performing without these playmakers... We know when the secondary is better the pass rush improves. So getting McDuffie back out there — who was shutting guys down in the few snaps he had — could even take it to another level.“

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