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Week 5 AP NFL Power Rankings: The Chiefs are back in the top 3

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

What a weekend of football.

Kansas and Kansas State launched themselves into the college football rankings; The NFL finally delivered a decent game to my side of the Atlantic. But it wasn’t just that version of football that had me all giddy, this past weekend.

Fans of the “Great British Chiefs Show” will know that Arsenal beating Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League would normally be the highlight of the weekend, regardless of what happens with the Chiefs. But then the Chiefs — and more specifically, Patrick Mahomes — go ahead on Sunday night and delivers a regular season performance that will go down as one of the Chiefs’ best ever.

Just 20 months after that Super Bowl, our friends from One Arrowhead Drive managed to lay some of the demons to rest by destroying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their own backyard. Yeah, sure, the hardware in February 2021 would have been better. But at least now, we can all finally move on from that horrid night.

Elsewhere in the NFL, we saw some brilliance, some terribleness, some ludicrous and some outright stupid. Overall, it was a pretty fun week.

This week's voters were Jared Sapp, Stephen Serda, Rocky Magana, Matt Stagner, Dakota Johnson, Stan Nelson, Connor Helm, Price Carter, Nate Christensen, Zach Gunter and myself.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (1st)

They had a scare early on but they remain perfect.

2. Buffalo Bills (2nd)

The difference between the Bills and the Ravens is that the Bills are smart and the Ravens are not.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (5th)

They “put that old man in the dirt.”

4. Green Bay Packers (6th)

From what I’ve seen on social media, the Packers are basically playing a home game this week in London.

5. Baltimore Ravens (4th)

Marcus Peters was right to be as annoyed as he was.

6. Miami Dolphins (3rd)

Their total disregard for Tua’s health is shameful and should be punished accordingly. Throw the book at them, NFL.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8th)

Can you hear Shaq Barrett sing? Noooooo, noooo

Can you hear Shaq Barrett sing? Noooooo, noooo

Can you hear Shaq Barrett sing? I can’t hear a (you know what) thing

Wooooaaaaah woooooaaaah

8. Cincinnati Bengals (9th)

The all-whites weren’t as good in real life as I expected.

9. Los Angeles Rams (7th)

This offense is unwatchable.

10. Dallas Cowboys (17th)

A quarterback controversy in Dallas!?

11. Minnesota Vikings (12th)

Thanks to Justin Jefferson, youngsters up and down the United Kingdom are now griddying, badly.

12. San Francisco 49ers (13th)

Don’t let the 2-2 record fool you — the 49ers are legit.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (11th)

They almost Charger’d again.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars (10th)

For a few moments there, I thought I was going to have to decide where in the top five to rank the Jaguars?!

15. Arizona Cardinals (15th)

JJ Watt had the rhythm of his heart reset and then reset the rhythm for the Cardinals' defense.

Side note: medical science is mad.

16. Tennessee Titans (21st) This week’s highest riser

By beating the Colts with ease, the Titans instantly had the Chiefs Kingdom wondering, “What if?”

17. Denver Broncos (14th)


18. Cleveland Browns (16th)

I don’t think Deshaun Watson will make this team that much better.

19. New York Giants (20th)

They have the same record as the Chiefs.

20. New England Patriots (22nd)

An achievement in itself to take the Packers to overtime.

21. Las Vegas Raiders (25th)

Finally off the mark.

22. Detroit Lions (19th)

Are the Lions a Big-12 team?

23. Atlanta Falcons (26th)

Their run-game gave the Browns a taste of their own medicine.

24. New Orleans Saints (24th)

A double-doink away from saving their season.

25. Seattle Seahawks (28th)

Imagine if the Chiefs had drafted Geno No. 1 overall in 2013!

26. Pittsburgh Steelers (23rd)

Minkah Fitzpatrick should be in the running for defensive player of the year.

27. Indianapolis Colts (18th) This week’s big fallers

How did the Chiefs lose to this team?

28. New York Jets (31st)

The comeback kids of the NFL. Love it!

29. Washington Commanders (27th)

I love the all-black uniforms.

30. Chicago Bears (29th)

Bad football team.

31. Carolina Panthers (30th)

Baker’s time in the league might be coming to an end, sometime soon.

32. Houston Texans (32nd)

It’s the hope that kills you, eh Texans fans?!

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