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11 things overheard as the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers

If you listened very carefully, there were interesting things to be heard in Tampa Bay on Sunday night.

Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

New Arrowhead Pride contributor Tom Ruprecht is a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan who is forced to watch New York Jets games in New Jersey. He is also a comedy writer who has written for television shows like “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “How I Met Your Mother.” We are delighted for Tom to bring us a different kind of commentary after Chiefs games.

  1. “Brady said the hurricane was almost as stormy as his marriage.”
  2. “In light of Hurricane Ian, the NFL is donating all proceeds from tonight’s game to Brett Favre’s next volleyball arena.”
  3. “Guys, try not to giggle when Bruce Arians tells you it was his decision to step down.”
  4. “I guess no one told the Tampa Bay running backs that the evacuation was over.”
  5. “How many more sacks until Brady starts smashing computers?”
  6. “On defense, we wanted someone who’ll relentlessly attack Brady — so we signed Gisele Bundchen.”
  7. “Damn, when it comes to revenge, John Wick’s got nothing on Patrick Mahomes.”
  8. “God help the Bengals.”
  9. “I can’t decide what’s funnier: Andy Reid’s State Farm commercial or seeing Shaq Barrett get his butt kicked.”
  10. “This win will erase the memory of that Super Bowl. Now I just need something to erase the memory of Antonio Brown naked in that Dubai pool.”
  11. “Here’s a thought: let’s not do that thing where we focus on the Bills and get blindsided by the Raiders.”

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