BBQ question

Hello to the great fans and staff at Arrowhead Pride. I have been a Chiefs fan since the late 60s, but have never been to Arrowhead stadium for a game. I will be checking this off my bucket list as I will be bringing some of my family to the game against the Rams in a few weeks. I was born in Harrisonville, Mo. in 1950. The family moved to California in 1959, but I have never forgotten my routes.

I want to experience some of the great BBQ that KC has to offer (been bragging about it to my family for years). Please help me out with some suggestions. I've heard of Joe's, Jack Stack, Gates, and some others. But would value your opinions on the matter. Also some good fried chicken places as well.

I haven't been to KC in about 20 years, so that's why I need the advise. Thanks.

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