Time to let him go??

This bend but don’t break mentality can no longer fly with the Kansas City Chiefs defense. Not with the likes of Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, and others on the opposite side of the ball. The Defense is constantly ranked in the bottom every year for the past several years. While it is nice to watch Mahomes and Co. put up a 40 burger it’s not realistic for him to do it week in and week out. The offense has its struggles currently with an average run game and wideouts who look lost a lot of the time. We have a talented defense but they aren’t playing the way they should. I believe it’s because of Steve Spagnolo and his coaching staff. Either they need to go or they need to develop a new mindset and quick! Come playoffs the level of play seen by our defense is not gonna cut it against Josh Allen for a trip to the Super Bowl. You cannot let the opposing team just march down the field and then hope that they make the stops in the red zone. You’re doing a great disservice to your team. It’s time to either step up or step aside. Which is it??

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