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From the Great British Chiefs Show: Why can’t the Chiefs run in the fourth quarter?

On their latest podcast, Brad and Tom preview the 49ers game — and discuss Kansas City’s struggling rushing attack.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

On the latest episode of the Great British Chiefs Show, Brad Symcox and Tom Childs discuss how the Kansas City Chiefs can come away with a Week 7 victory against the San Francisco 49ers — starting with the running game.

(Listen to the podcast above or by clicking here. It is also available on Spotify.)

The struggling running game

Brad: Ron Kopp Jr’s article on the Chiefs’ defensive difficulties against the Buffalo Bills in the fourth quarter explained how it came down to Kansas City’s struggling running game... There is a huge problem here where the Chiefs could be leading in the fourth quarter — and they can’t lean on their running game. It’s almost forcing Mahomes to force things down the field late in the game. It’s not really what you want to be doing late in the fourth quarter with a lead when the game is on the line.”

Tom: “We discussed last week how bad the Chiefs are with a lead at the moment... It doesn’t make sense how Kansas City can call very good games offensively for the first three quarters — and as soon as it gets to the fourth quarter, they struggle... It baffles me that the Chiefs were up three points — and had a chance to go and put the game to bed — but they weren’t able to get anything done... The inside runs aren’t working and the passing concepts aren’t finding a rhythm... They can’t seem to get themselves out of the sticky situation late in the game... Once they get in rhythm they are fine. I just don’t understand why they struggle to find that rhythm... Maybe Andy Reid needs to start doing a reverse script on closing games... It’s just not happening in the fourth quarter right now for some reason — and it’s something they have to figure out.”

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