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9 Chiefs excuses heard after Sunday’s loss to the Bills

If you listened very carefully, there were interesting things to be heard as Kansas City lost to Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

On Sunday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20 in front of their hometown fans. Here are some of the things Tom Ruprecht overheard during the loss.

  1. “How were we supposed to know Gabriel Davis was a potential touchdown threat?”
  2. “Dude, we let ‘em win in the regular season and beat ‘em in the playoffs. Trust the system.”
  3. “We’ve always been looking for reason to visit Buffalo in January.”
  4. “Instead of the Bills’ defense, Patrick accidentally studied film of the Bears offense.”
  5. “We’re right where we hoped to be… the same record as the Jets.”
  6. “Our body clocks aren’t used to playing non-primetime games.”
  7. “We worried that if we won, the fans would steal our goalposts — like those University of Tennessee hooligans.”
  8. “Should’ve just broken the game down into 277 13-second increments.”
  9. “I mean, yes, you should never destroy a vacuum cleaner. But FOUR freakin’ games?!!”

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