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Plan the best Halloween-themed Chiefs watch party

Just because Halloween falls on the Chiefs’ bye week this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get in the festive mood a little bit early.

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Halloween weekend falls on the Kansas City Chiefs' bye week this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a frightfully good Halloween-themed watch party.

You could do it on actual Halloween for Monday Night Football, but let's be honest, your kids aren’t going to let you watch the game; they’re going to drag you up and down every neighborhood in a 20-mile radius to go trick or treating, and by the time you get home, they’ll be so hopped up on sugar that they will be bouncing off the walls like Elmo at a cotton candy festival. So why not throw a Halloween-themed party a week earlier?

Luckily, the Chiefs' Week 7 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers offers the perfect opportunity to have some fun mixing the Chiefs' Super Bowl LIV victory into the theme.

Food ideas

1990s HALLOWEEN DESSERT... Photo by J. Graham/ClassicStock/Getty Images

As with any good party, it all starts with the food. Halloween offers a great opportunity to let loose and get freaky with your snack side. For instance, you make cookies in the shape of tombstones and decorate them to commemorate the death of the hopes and dreams of Chiefs opponents over the years.

Some possible ideas for these are—

Bills fans’ Super Bowl dreams - 1/23/2022 - 42-36

Here lies a Bills fan, he died in 13 seconds

RIP Jimmy G 02/02/2020 1:12 4th qtr

RIP Broncos victories 09/2015

Another fun food idea is that you could buy your favorite clear adult beverage, and relabel the bottles to say something like Quarterback Tears, you could even put a picture of Chris Jones on them to drive the point home.


This next idea is a little more labor intensive, but if you really want to transform your home into a house of horrors that is sure to send any Chiefs fan shrieking into the night, then you should purchase multiple portable projectors and have them stationed at various places throughout your house— and then play clips on them of any Chiefs playoff game prior to the Patrick Mahomes’ arrival era.

Just imagine the look on your unsuspecting victims' faces, as they walk into your cleverly set trap— they will think they are just going to the bathroom, but little do they know that they are walking straight into their doom.

Ten seconds of watching Andrew Luck lead the Indianapolis Colts back from a 28-point deficit and you’ll have your guests blubbering on the floor and begging for mercy in no time.

Other decorative ideas include dressing up skeleton and zombie statues in Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos jerseys, as well as other notable teams the Chiefs have dominated in recent years — you know, like the Tennessee Titans. Top this all off with some fake spider webs and some dry ice, and you’re in business.


There are a lot of different directions that you could go with this. One option is to just play it safe, put on your Mahomes jersey, and call it good— but Halloween isn’t about playing it safe, it’s about pressing your luck and confronting the terrors of the night. Your costume is your opportunity to show all of your friends what a cool and creative person you are— that's why I think you should pull out all of the stops.

Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. QB Body Collector: Think of the Bring Out Your Dead guy in Monty Python and The Holy Grail, but instead of wheeling around a cart of black plague victims, you’re wheeling the bodies of opposing quarterbacks who’ve fallen victim to our defense. The cart can make this one a little cumbersome, but it could still be fun.

2. Andy Reid: This one is more for the kids. There is nothing cuter than a baby dressed up like Big Red.

3. Derrick Thomas — Attack Cat: This one is by far the most extreme— but can you just imagine the reaction you would get from your friends if you showed up to a watch party dressed as the Monsters of The Gridiron version of Chiefs great Derrick Thomas?

If you wore this out on the town, you would be sure to win any costume competition and people would have to buy you drinks out of sheer obligation to your awesomeness.


At its core, Halloween, like all other holidays, is about having fun with people you love — but with Halloween, you get to wear a cool costume and don’t have to hear your Aunt Susan talk about her pickleball match last Tuesday night like you would with a holiday like Thanksgiving.

Stay spooky, Kansas City.

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